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Posted: September 6, 2011 in Gaming

I’m going to start his post off by stating that I myself am very guilty of  being an elitist at times.  A lot of the time actually.  I have been known for calling people stupid or idiots for not liking or playing certain games or listening to a certain band etc.  Usually among friends in jest but I read a post this morning that got me thinking.  This post was talking about Guild Wars 2.  Some people think that it looks like an asian grind fest or “just another WoW clone.”  In the post it was mentioned that some people may have been turned off of the game because perhaps they found out that it is an MMO.  They list a few reasons why this would turn a person off of the game.  One of the reasons listed – They’re stupid.  Now other than that the post is actually pretty solid.  I’m definitely not attempting to throw them under the bus or anything like that.  It really is a great post and it just got me thinking.

I do agree with a lot of what is mentioned in the post and that got me thinking.  So many gamers are so brand loyal that they have no clue what other games are about. They simply bash the game or players of that game without knowing anything about it.  In forums too often there are threads that turn into nothing more than dumbass pissing contests with a lot of “zomg QQ fag rofltcopter your game sucks.”  I spend a lot of time reading forums and watching videos about so many games.  When I read threads that start going in that direction I tend to move on to something else.  It is so hard nowadays to find a good solid game discussion in a forum.  They are there but you have to sort though a lot of shit to find them most of the time.  Threads where someone either brings up a game and lists the reason why said game looks/is so interesting.  With responses that follow up by saying, those are great features but don’t like feature A or B about this game and why but this other game i play has features like C and D that really appeal to me.  I think one of the biggest problems with threads like this is the fallout it has on people who perhaps aren’t educated on a certain game.  They start to look around for information and get bombarded with threads that have people degenerating into idiots that don’t know how to spell.  I can definitely see people getting turned away by threads like this.  It’s unfortunate because most of the player base for these games are not like that.  There’s some real douche bags out there in the gaming community.  On the flip side I’ve met some truly amazing people over the years through games and forums.

I guess all I’m trying to say is if your interests are peaked by a certain game and want to see more or what other people think, there really are some great threads with useful information/discussion out there.  It’s just unfortunate that sometimes they are hard to find.  Ignore the trolls. Find what you’re looking for. Play the shit outta whatever game it may be that you love and have a great time doing it.

In one of the comments to the post I was mentioning someone said that they see a lot of Star Wars The Old Republic fans shitting all over GW2 out of spite or willful ignorance.  Sad but true. Now I myself have been following SWTOR since they announced it.  I am more excited about it than any other game I have wanted to play.  I’ve seen all the GW2 videos/interviews.  The game looks amazing.  Will I play it? No.  I usually have multiple MMOs that i play.  Once SWTOR comes out most of my game time will be spent on that.  I will still be keeping my WoW subscription as well.  There are some people that I play WoW with that I enjoy hanging out with in game and will continue to do so.  I just wont have the time to put into GW2.  Here’s a link to the post.   If you are looking forward to GW2 or have no idea what the hell GW2 check it out.  It briefly lays out some of the great features that are going to be in GW2.



  1. Emily Dillabough says:

    May I still read your blog even though I have no idea what MMO or “zomg QQ fag rofltcopter” means? I like your honesty and diplomacy in this post… hope you were going for that 🙂

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