DC Comics and Xbox… Yes. You read that right.

Posted: September 11, 2011 in Comics, Gaming
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Yes. I am going to be writing about DC Comics and Xbox.  Two things that anyone who knows me will read the title and say, “ummm wtf… Are you drunk?” No. I’m not. Also could possibly be thinking, “What planet are you from and what have you done with our friend?”  They tried to abduct me but I punched them in their baby makers.  With my foot. At least I think it was their baby makers.  Because one of them turned around and kicked me in the groin.  With his fist, and then they left.  Ok. Right. Moving along… Lets just get right into it.

I have been very anti DC.  I have been for a while now. Probably around ten years or so.  The last real DC stuff I had read was the death and life of Superman.  The whole scenario leading up to the death of Superman was really awesome.  I even enjoyed the Rise of the Supermen stuff that came shortly afterwards.  After that I felt that a lot of DC titles kinda dropped off and were really just not that good anymore.  I was thinking about it recently and perhaps subconsciously I was comparing those to the Death of Superman. Which obviously wouldn’t compare. If I remember correctly they also changed Superman and his powers for a while and it was just weird. Point is I kind of lost faith in DC and haven’t really looked too hard at much that’s been happening in the DC universe for some time now.  Checked out a few random Batman issues here and there since then but other than that I’ve kind of been out of the DC loop.

So for those that have been paying attention to the comics industry, you have probably heard the DC is doing a complete reboot.  Well has done.  As of August 31st.  The new fifty two.  Fifty two new issue number ones of titles like Detective Comics, Superman, Batman, Justice League and so many, many more that will be released throughout September.  For the full list check out DCcomics.com.  I’ve heard quite a few things about the new “rebooted” titles and have to admit I am a little bit intrigued.  Even the Justice League comic has me a little curious.  Probably because in some of the shots I’ve seen, it looks like Hal Jordan is getting the crap kicked out of him.  Seeing the Green Lantern get beat up always makes me smile.  The only one I have personally read so far is the Justice League International.  It was alright.  Nothing overly mind blowing but the issue did leave me curious about issue number two.  Mostly because I had no clue who most of the characters were and really want to know what the hell their super powers are.  It looks like I will be taking a trip to the comic store next week to grab a few of these titles.  Need to pick myself up a few long boxes anyways so I may as well grab a few of the “New 52” while I’m at it.  Once I’ve sunk my teeth in to a few more of the titles I’ll surely do another post with reviews of as many issues that I can read.

This is also a prefect opportunity for people who themselves, or have friends that have been interested in starting to collect comics to hop on board.  Also for someone like me who has been out of the loop for so long it as good a time as any to jump in and take a look.  I’m just hoping that this isn’t as disappointing as the Ultimate Universe from Marvel.  I know that wasn’t a full reboot like DC has done here but I really couldn’t stand it.  There was an issue or two from a few of the Ultimate titles at the beginning that were sort of half decent, but was thoroughly disappointed and completely lost interest.  You have to figure tho, with the “New 52” there has to be at least one or two titles that are good right?  Kidding. I really have high hopes for this reboot.  I’m hoping that the majority of the titles pick up I enjoy and collect for years to come.

This blog has been in the works for some time now.  I have wanted to blog about comics/gaming and just plain old nerd stuff that I love so much for a while now.  I just never found the time to do it or lacked ideas/ambition to get it done.  Over the past few weeks as I have worked up the drive to finally get it done, I began thinking about what games I would talk about.  I’ve pretty much decided to talk about whatever game or comic or topic that popped into my head that gave me a good idea to write about.  Which brings me to the second part of this post.

I game on my PC and my PS3.  Mostly on my PC, but I love some of the great exclusive content that is available on PS3.  I do not own an  Xbox360.  Many of my friends have an Xbox.  I have played them quite a bit.  One of the reasons I don’t own an Xbox is because a lot of their heavy hitting exclusive titles I am not really a fan of.  Also because most of the people I know that own 360s have had to replace them at least once over the years.  Some because of RRoD others because of random hardware issues.  I also have an undying hatred for Microsoft as well which has stopped me from purchasing an Xbox360.  The point of all this is not to sit here and zomg QQ rofltcopter about the whole console war bullshit.  Play what you want, I really don’t care.  Since I have been putting serious thought recently into this blog, I have taken a step back and tried to think objectively about a lot of things.  Since I am looking to games for inspiration and ideas on what to write about here, not owning an Xbox keeps me from fully reaching as many games as I can.  So I have decided will be picking up myself an Xbox sometime soon so that I can have as many avenues for ideas and games to play as I can.  Inspiration can come from anywhere.  It was some footage from an XBLA game called Bastion that was the final straw. As I was watching Mike B do a 15MOG with Bastion, I kinda decided that it was time.  Game looks awesome and pushed me over the edge. There is a PC version of it in the works but no date on it and no plans for a PS3 version. Also having an Xbox will allow me to finally play Fable 2 and 3.

Will I get Xbox Live?  This shit is already pretty long so we’ll save that fun discussion for another day.

Ideas, thoughts, comments? Thanks a lot for reading. I’m out.


Here’s the link to the 15MOG with Mike Baka Fony 😉15 MOG – Bastion

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