My impressions so far of the New 52

Posted: September 20, 2011 in Comics
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At this point I’ve gotten around to reading most of the issue #1’s that are out so far. Some of the titles I’ve read were pretty bland and I just couldn’t get into. Others were really awesome and have me looking forward to the next issue. Some I found were decent enough throughout and then BAM! on the last page sunk their hooks in and made me want more.

Some of the titles that I really enjoyed the most were Batgril, Animal Man, Batman and Robin, Detective Comics, Action Comics and Batwing(kinda)… There are others that I also liked but these are the ones so far that I will probably keep up with.

Batgirl was probably my favourite title so far. I really enjoyed the characters internal dialogue throughout the book. It leads to a really great twist in the story which I’m really looking forward to watching unfold.

Animal man was one that while reading I thought was okay. I really enjoyed the family setting that it starts out in. Where I really started to get into this one is towards the end. It takes this really messed up swing out to left field and just gets a bit weird. Good weird though.

Batman and Robin was a title that I really though I wouldn’t like. I’ve never been a fan of the Robin character. Always kind of thought he was a bit lame. This new rebooted Robin is actually really awesome. There’s definitely a wicked new dynamic to the dark knights’ side kick that will surely make for some really dramatic story lines.

Detective Comics would be a close second for me. This a good ol’ Batman vs Joker storyline. Absolutely great artwork and writing. If I had not already been hooked on this one by the first few pages, the cliffhanger ending literally made my jaw drop. I’m probably looking forward to the second issue of this more than any other so far just because of the end. Holy shitballs is really the only proper way to describe it.

Batwing. The artwork in this one was amazing. Story didn’t really pull me in. It’s basically a hero set in Africa who’s funded/supported by Batman. Something crazy happens that will keep me coming back at least for a few issues but I’m still kind of on the fence about it. Definitely worth a read through.

Action Comics is a Superman book. Superman is another DC hero that I really have never been a fan of. This new Superman? I’m already a fan. Definitely a must read in my opinion. He doesn’t seems as indestructible as he was before and seems to leap tall buildings in a single bound, not fly. Also, he kinda seems like a dick and a wanted Vigilante to boot it seems. Very cool.

There was a couple of titles that I felt were pretty weak. Batwoman was one that I really couldn’t get into. Can’t really nail down what about it put me off but I just wasn’t feeling it. Also Deathstroke and Men Of War were another two that I didn’t really like. Deathstroke is a mercenary comic. Which for me personally isn’t usually my style. Men Of War is duh, a war comic. I think because of playing so many war based action games and watching war films, that reading a war comic just isn’t as exciting any more for me. If you’re a fan of Merc or War comics these two would be right up your alley. Just ain’t my style.

I’ll definitely have more posts about the New 52. There are a few more releases coming tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to checking out Batman and Birds of Prey. Those I listed are really only a few of the titles I’ve had the time to fully digest. So far the DC reboot has been surprisingly good. I like most of what I have read and am definitely looking forward to more. It seems there is a broad range of story types. They really do have something for everyone. Take a look at the New 52. Let me know what titles you liked, which ones you didn’t.

I’ve been working on this post for over 4 hours now while watching @MikeSchaffnit live stream some GoW3 on GBTV. I really need to stop distracting myself while I write these.

That’s all for now. I still am new to this so any feedback at all is more than welcome. Thanks for reading.

I’m out

  1. Brooks says:

    How do you feel about zombies, sir? I ask because you were looking for game recommendations for the 360. Not sure if you’re had a chance to check out Dead Rising. If you played the second one on PS3, don’t bother going back to the first; it will most likely disappoint since the second added so many great features that weren’t in the first. Also, in XBLA, there were two other DR games: one to sort of bridge DR1 and DR2 (about 400 MS points, so like, $5), and the second was more or less to bring back the main character from DR1 (about 800 points). Since it’s a “Platinum Hit,” you should be able to find it brand new for about $20. May be worth a try.

  2. Brooks says:

    Good, cuz apparently, it’s fake… Bastards…

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