Silly drawings and funny costumes

Posted: September 24, 2011 in Comics
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This could just be the senseless ramblings of a crazy stubborn nerd or it could have some merit. Who knows. I tend to ramble a lot. I was thinking lately about my fan obsessions that I have had over the years. Most have remained the same, some I’ve picked up along the way and some I’ve lost. The one I’m writing about now is my comic obsession. I grew up reading a lot. Novels, comics, biographies or whatever else. I always held comics in high regard. They were as much of an escape to me growing up as music and video games. The surreal and supernatural settings always made me feel better for some strange reason.

Despite my love for comic books I found myself getting away from them a lot come the late 90s early 2000s. Around that time I had lost the bulk of my collection due to unfortunate circumstances. I still read some from time to time and still enjoyed them but it just wasn’t the same. Some of it was due to life getting in the way and just not having the time anymore. I also felt a lot of the comics that I had grown to love just weren’t as good as they were before. I’ve tried to keep up with the general happenings in the industry and what major things were going on. Some friends of mine still casually collected and I took a peek from time to time but most stories just couldn’t pull me in.

Lately I have tried to make some fundamental changes to my outlook. I’ve given new things a chance trying to change it up a bit. Over the last few years I’ve been slowly getting back into collecting and reading comics more regularly. This past year or so I’ve really been getting that old obsessive feeling back. I’ve found some great new books that I really enjoy and I find I’m able to lose myself in. Even rediscovering some old stories that I missed reading.

I was thinking that maybe it’s because I’m trying to find that amazing feeling I had growing up. When I read a great comic it just took me away from reality for a while. Seeing the bad guy get a good beat down. Or that feeling you get when you see your favorite hero or villain get defeated and you grind your teeth waiting for that next issue in hopes that they will get back up, dust it off and kick some ass.

I guess all I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t always take big fulfilling moments or experiences to make it all worthwhile. Sometimes all it takes is a tiny book filled with silly drawings of people in funny costumes doing extraordinary things.


Thanks for reading.


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