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Posted: October 6, 2011 in Gaming
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Having recently gotten an Xbox, in the spirit of trying new things, I figured I would give the Gears of War series another try. My last romp through a battlefield with the COG was around the time the first Gears came out. I really was not a fan of the game. Felt the controls and cover mechanics were really clunky. Didn’t like it at all.

This time around I ripped through the campaign for Gears 1 and 2 in a few days. I found that some of the problems with the game-play mechanics that were so frustrating in the first one were not as much of an issue in Gears 2. Story was pretty decent. Tried some multiplayer. Some TDM, Horde mode and a few other modes. Thought it was alright. Decided that I would get myself Gears 3 and take a run at that. See how it played.

I picked it up in the afternoon on Friday before work. I figured if I started on the campaign I would probably not make it in on time. So I did something that I have never done before. Decided to hop into a few multiplayer matches. I tend to finish campaign modes before going online. I figured, a couple of hours before work? I’ll do a Team Death Match or two and get some other things done before I had to head out. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Two and a half hours later I’m scrambling to gather my things and run my skinny ass to work. Spent the majority of this weekend playing it while I wasn’t working.

Over the years there’s been a few games that I have gotten that instant obsession. I still don’t know what the x factor is that gets me so addicted to specific games. I’ve played plenty of games obsessively before in single player but for multiplayer there have only been a handful. In the past I can only think of Counterstrike, World Of Warcraft and Star Wars Galaxies(Pre – NGE) that I really got obsessive about. My Counterstrike obsession faded over the years. While I do still play regularly I don’t have 20 hours sessions anymore. World of Warcraft I also still play but lately have slacked off a bit. Mostly because a lot of the core group of people who I play regularly with have not had the time. Not having that group around has definitely affected my urge to want to play. I still log on but only to run a 5 man or two, hit some dailys and check auction house. My SWG obsession ended over night when a patch that SOE put out to “improve” the game completely ruined everything that made the game great and unique.

I can’t really put a finger on what exactly has caused specific games over the years to suck me right in. Especially in this case with Gears of War. I was not a fan. At all. The controls still bother me from time to time(mostly just the cover mechanic) and in some matches getting utterly stomped by the opposing team is downright maddening. Also I have never really been a fan of death match multiplayer. I prefer there to be objectives. CS has bomb plating/diffusing, not just pointlessly killing each other. Gears does have different game modes like king of the hill and capture the leader, Horde mode(which I have delved into a bit and it’s awesome) and Beast mode which I have completed. These modes would be more my style. All I really have been doing in Gears is Team Death Match.

Something about it has me unable to put the controller down. I’ve even had Batman Arkham Asylum and Portal 2 sitting in front of me that I haven’t finished. Haven’t even started Portal 2 yet. I want to play these games. I just can’t stop playing Gears. I played from about 1 or 2 am last night until about 3pm today. Good thing I didn’t have to work.

Was my sudden new game obsession just a timing thing? If so then why haven’t I just torn through campaign and moved on to Batman or Portal? Am I just looking for something to fill my multiplayer void until SWTOR comes out? My internet went down for a few minutes about a half hour ago. I was actually in a panic. I thought I would not be able to play Gears Death Match tonight. I was actually upset at the thought that I would have to play Batman or Portal instead. Those are great games. Why would anyone be upset at having to play them? I think I need an intervention.

What are some games that you are, or have been completely addicted to or obsessed with to the point you neglected friends, family, work and even personal hygiene? What about them drew you in so much?

That’s all for now. I’m off to play some Gears. Thanks for reading.


-75 days until SWTOR by the way…

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