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Posted: October 12, 2011 in Comics
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At this point all the issue 1s if the New 52 are out. Read them all except for a few. I haven’t read Aquaman, Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, Green Lantern – New Guardians or Red Lanterns. Notice a pattern there? Anyway. Moving along. Some of them I found were extremely lacking. Others completely blew me away. Of the new 52 there is only a few that I liked enough to follow with every issue. I’ve already done a post a little while back talking about some of them. So I may mention a few that I had previously.

So here we go. I’ve gone through and re-read all 48 of them in the last few days. I’ve read so many comics lately that I needed a refresher for some of the early ones that came out. I did that instead of reading any of the issue 2s that came out. Really should get on that. Here’s my list of DC titles that I will definitely be getting each month.

Action Comics – Superman story, but this ain’t your usual Superman. In my earlier post I mentioned that all the things that I didn’t like about Superman were gone. Really big fan of this book. Wish I could say the same about the other Superman titles…

Animal Man – Even after reading through the New 52, this title is still one of my favourites. About a man who can draw power from animals and gain different abilities. Really well written and has a ton of potential.

Batgirl – Another really well written book. I enjoyed her character flaw that cause some issues while she’s trying to do her superhero thing. A little past trauma that gets in the way. Loved it.

Batman and Robin – Surprised that I enjoyed this one. Never liked the Robin character. Looking forward to seeing what they will do with it in this. Very cool book.

Detective Comics – Batman comic that was so awesome my brain exploded when I hit the last page. So epic that as soon as I’m done writing this I’ll be grabbing issue 2 and tearing through it.

Nightwing – This book is our old friend Dick Grayson being pretty awesome, kinda… Gets into it with a fully armored foe that beats him pretty bad and leaves Dick in a pretty bad spot leading into the next issue. Really great artwork. Check it out.

Batman – Its Batman. Nothing about this I didn’t like. Artwork was great. Story was awesome. It’s Batman. Go. Read. Now.

Batman The Dark Knight – Another Batman title. I feel that it’s the weakest of the three Batman books. Still pretty awesome tho. What can I say, I’m a sucker for Batman… He’s a bad ass…

Justice League Dark – This issue was weird. One of the characters peers into a dark future with a slew of dead heroes. It was pretty wicked. Personally really loved the brief appearance of Constantine. Interested to see how this story plays out.

Supergirl – Another title I wasn’t sure I was going to like. The setup in this issue was really great. It has her crash-land and get attacked by people she can’t understand because she speaks Kryptonian. She starts discovering her powers that she gains from the yellow sun as she progresses to kick their asses. Pretty cool stuff.

There are definitely some other titles that I will be keeping an eye on from time to time if I can afford but these I will be getting every month. Overall I must say that most of the launch issues of the New 52 were pretty solid. Not all was of interest to me but they really do have a very broad spectrum of styles. A few titles that I was looking forward to I didn’t really enjoy. Swamp Thing and Birds of Prey most notably. I was really excited for those issues but couldn’t get into them. Catwoman was particularly disappointing. Also in the Action Comics issues they portrayed Superman in a way that I really liked and the other Superman titles not so much.

I really do recommend taking a look through the New 52 titles. There is something in there for everyone. Some really great and diverse titles. These are just the ones that I enjoyed and will follow closely. I have not been into DC Comics for years. The New 52 has brought me back. Has made me a fan of theirs again. This reboot is just what they needed and I think they pulled it off really well.

GG DC Comics. GG.

What titles really got you? Which ones do you think weren’t very impressive at all? Let me know.

Thanks a lot for reading. Now…. Do I play Gears 3 or read some of the Issue #2s… Decisions, decisions, hrm…

I’m out

  1. This is a really late post, but hopefully you’ve read Aquaman by now. It’s easily my favorite of the new 52!


  2. I still haven’t been able to bring myself to read it…A Mix of hesitation and a ton of other stuff to read…

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