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Posted: October 19, 2011 in Gaming
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What’s with all the hype? Why do we build up games so much that our expectation are so far-fetched that it’s nearly impossible to reach them. Very few games that I’ve gotten overly excited for have actually lived up to my expectations. Not that I didn’t enjoy them. I still loved them but in my mind there were some other things that I thought the game would have.

In most recent memory one game that I feel didn’t meet the hype that I built up in my mind would be the World of Warcraft expansion Cataclysm. While I still love my WoW, I don’t find myself fiending it as much as I did in Wrath or BC. The content is awesome. Leveling is more fun than it has ever been and I really enjoyed doing 5 man dungeons especially in Wrath. I find the 5 mans don’t have the same draw that I felt in previous expansions. Raiding is still awesome and I’m really looking forward to the Dragon Soul raid coming in 4.3 but the overall appeal of Cataclysm for me isn’t there.

Partially my fault because I built this expansion up so much in my mind that even Blizzard as awesome as they are couldn’t possibly have met those expectations that I had. Also I have played Cataclysm since months before release in the Beta. It could be that I have already done everything so much going so far back that I am in need of something more. Minus raids of course. My guild is pretty laid back and we are still working Firelands but we have fun and work at our own pace. I still have fun but am looking forward to Blizzcon this weekend for an Expansion announcement to over hype and drool over until it releases. Also looking forward to more news about Diablo 3 and Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm expansion. Should be a great weekend. Wish I could go.

The big hype machine that I am drooling over at the moment is Biowares upcoming Star Wars The Old Republic. I’ve followed this game closely since they announced it in 2008. Three years later the hype for this game is unbelievable. Up to 650,000 preorders. 4.8 millions beta hours logged. 200,00 forums posts a week. Over a million signed up to get into the beta on Not all are in but most should have an opportunity to test on their beta weekends at some point. I have two accounts and no beta weekend for me yet. Damnit.

Bioware has been putting Friday updates on the website for about two years, and has had multiple E3 appearances. Also other conventions like PAX and San Diego Comic Con have had appearances by the SWTOR team over the last few years. The more I see and hear of this game the more I feel the need to play the game. I honestly think I have never been more excited for a game. The trailers they release get more and more exciting and the game looks more refined every time. Especially the latest trailer. Absolutely amazing. Very stoked.

I love my Star Wars and as great as this game looks I probably wouldn’t be as excited if it wasn’t attached to that IP. I’d be a little excited because Bioware makes great games but throw Star Wars into the mix. I’m sold. The original Knights of the Old Republic was one of the games that I played and it lived up to the hype that I had built up for it. Quite possibly one of the best games I’ve ever played. I can’t even count the number of times I have played through KOTOR over the years. Story is something that Bioware does well. Really well. This being the first real story driven MMO, with Bioware being on it? They’ve proven they can make a great Star Wars game, and that they can make awesome stories. I have faith.

While I really am looking forward to the unique story arcs for every class and exploring them, I’m actually really excited to dig into some PvP. I’ve been pretty burnt out on PvP in MMOs since BC in WoW. I didn’t raid back then and all I did was PvP. With their unveiling of the Huttball PvP warzone it got me really excited to get back into it.

While I do think the game will be great, have I set it up on such a high pedestal that it will fall short? I have looked for a Star Wars MMO to fill that void for years. I was a part of the mass exodus of veteran players from Star Wars Galaxies when they released the “New Game Enhancements” which took everything unique about the game and ruined it.

Since then I have had an empty place in my soul. I need something to put there. Will SWTOR plug it? Damn I hope so. I think that even if it is half as good as I have built it up in my head it’s still gonna be amazing. I preordered my Collectors Edition the second day they announced preorders. Would have been day 1 but the store I usually make my preorders at didn’t have it in their computers yet the first day.

There are other games that I am looking forward to but none even compare closely to how much I want SWTOR. There are even a few games I will be passing on completely because I feel I won’t have enough time to finish them by the time it comes out.

What games in the near future have you drooling on your keyboard/controller in anticipation? That have you planning time off from work to get as much time at release to play as possible.

Thanks for reading.


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