A lot more action, a little less turn based

Posted: November 3, 2011 in Gaming
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Over the years I find the rpg genre itself has changed from the more classic turn based style. Most of the AAA rpg titles recently like Fallout New Vegas and Oblivion are more action based than rpgs that I grew up with.

There still are turn based rpgs out there I rarely find myself eagerly anticipating them. I haven’t even tried Final Fantasy 13. While I do hear the FF franchise has lacked lately, their FF 13 Versus title that is going to be coming out and it looks to be a more action based game than turn based. I’m kinda excited to try it.

The last turn based RPG title that I played through was Final Fantasy 12. I attempted to get into one recently. The Last Remnant. While this game is a few years old now and did have some problems, I did have some fun playing through part of it. There was nothing about the game itself that turned me away. I think that I as a gamer have changed. I didn’t have the patience to sit there and select commands and watch the battle unfold. I have definitely become more accustomed to actively tearing my way through mobs of creatures. Fallout does have the VATS system and Dragon Age has the option to play it somewhat turn based those but features are something that I found myself rarely using.

I know there are plenty of hardcore fans out there that absolutely love turn based and will never stop playing them. Perhaps I’ve become so very spoiled by games that I need to be constantly entertained by non stop action. I do know a few people who still love turn based rpgs but I don’t find that those type of games really come up in conversation much anymore. Series like Elder Scrolls, Fallout or Mass Effect and even Dead Island seem to be more the topics of discussion these days in regards to rpgs.

Not saying that I won’t ever try a turn based RPG again. I really hope to one day find one that really draws me in and gives me a feeling of nostalgia that brings me back to my early days. I loves my rpgs. Tearing though Final Fantasy on NES or 7th Saga on SNES are some of my favorite gaming memories growing up. With the genre making the a large shift to a more action based type of play, it has gotten me used to the faster pace of game-play and a solid story right along with it. I really do believe that as a gamer my preferences have changed and don’t have the patience it takes to dive into a turn based rpg any more.

What’s your feeling towards turn based rpgs? Do they still have a place on your shelf? Are there any that you have played recently that kept you wanting more? Any that you are on the edge of your seat waiting for?

Thanks for reading


  1. Hell ya! says:

    Definately feel that way as well. Lots has changed in the way things are interpreted nowadays, this read left me feeling less zombified and more humanized.

    Thank you.

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