DC Universe Online now Free to Play

Posted: November 3, 2011 in Comics, Gaming
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DC Universe Online has just made the shift to a free to play model. I had never tried the game before the change. I decided since it’s free I might as well give it a shot. I like me some superhero MMOs. I have played City of Heroes/Villains and Champions Online quite a bit before. Both are really fun, and F2P now. If you haven’t been tried either of those before, give them a shot. They’re free. What have ya got to lose?

Now onto DCUO. It’s only gone free to play a few days ago so I haven’t had a ton of time with it yet. I must say that I really am enjoying it so far. The character creation had a lot of really cool options. Not as much as I was used to in Champions but still more than enough to keep me entertained for about two or three hours while I made a few characters. The power selection allows you to pick a popular DC character and use them as a starting point or you can choose them yourself. Once in the game the skill trees for the powers resemble a typical MMO style tree that you put points into as you level. You can also choose to be hero or villain which affects your allies within the world. At the beginning while you are running through the starting area it also affects whether Superman or Lex Luthor show up to give you a hand.

The combat is definitely fun. Even at early levels I feel pretty awesome and can kick some serious ass. Although I bit off more than I could chew a few times by pulling a bunch of enemies. Yeah I got my ass handed to me. Since this MMO is also available on PS3 the combat really does feel like an action combat style console title. I tried initially playing with keyboard and mouse but decided to try it out with a controller. While I do enjoy my keyboard and mouse, especially for MMOs, this game definitely felt more comfortable with the controller. Very easy to select powers on the action bars with the controller.

The graphics are pretty damned good. I had seen cinematic trailer footage before and small clips of game-play but this was my first time hands on with DCUO. I’m fortunate enough to have a PC that will run it at max settings and I must say it really is a pretty looking game. The character detail is very well done. The environments that I have seen so far are textured really well. I’ve only seen a few instanced environments and Metropolis so far. I’m pretty stoked to get my ass over to Gotham City.

Also a big part of comics is story. The story that gets introduced at the beginning of the game is pretty cool. The heroes of the world have been defeated and Lex Luthor comes from the future with a plan to attempt to save it. Pretty cool concept. Looking forward to seeing how the story arc plays out.

There are micro transactions involved with the game that unlock different things. Costume pieces, arena characters and the Green Lantern expansion pack. You can choose to subscribe to the game which gives you a few extra features and access to the DLC.

Anyone wanting a different MMO than the more typical fantasy experience or is a fan of superheroes should definitely give this game a shot. With City Of, Champions and DCUO all free to play now there are plenty of options out there for superhero fans to play in the MMO space.

Now go save the world, or enslave it… Whatever purpose you choose to use your powers for… Just make sure you’re the most bad ass hero or villain that you can be and that ya have fun doing it. I’ll see you in Gotham.

Thanks for reading.


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