My Skyrim – “finished” just in time…

Posted: December 11, 2011 in Gaming
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I was going to write about Skyrim a little while ago but I decided to wait until I had spent a little more time with it. Also with all the SWTOR Beta insanity it kinda got pushed aside for a while. As I’m sure you’ve heard this game is huge. A ton of quests all over the place that have some really cool and sometimes funny story lines. My original hesitation to get Skyrim was the worry that I wouldn’t be able to finish it before SWTOR. So I set a goal for myself. I wanted to at least finish the main story line quest and then get to as many side quests as I could. I tore through the main story as quickly as I could only getting detoured by side quests once. Which was really hard because you’re traveling all over the place constantly picking up new quests where ever you go. Now that I’ve had a decent amount of time with it here’s what I thought.

So it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to play. The skill and leveling system really allows you to build a character that truly fits whatever your play style. I originally thought that if I am gonna tear through quickly why not build a big bad ass tank and go buck wild. It’s not usually my play style in games like this so at about level 13 or so I decided to re-roll. This time I started building a caster type character that wielded 2 handed swords when enemies got too close. After a few levels I found I wasn’t really enjoying that build either. So once again, re-roll. This time I went with my tried and true play style from the last few Elder Scrolls. Sneaky light armor wearing rogue/thief type character. Went with dual wielding swords instead of sword shield. It was pretty fun and that’s the character that I “finished” the game with.

So the main story line is really only very small part of the game. Since I wanted to see how that played out I skipped almost all side quests I came across. The only exception was the quest line involving the Companions in Whiterun. So by skipping all the side quests I actually was only level 22 when I beat the main big bad guy. I actually didn’t find it him all that hard. There was a fight with a Lich type enemy you fight just before him that I had a larger problem with. Especially when the frost dragon came in and I had to deal with that too. What I ended up doing was sneaking up on the Lich sneak attacking him, using a storm shout that calls lightning a then just kept swinging like a madman. He died as the frost dragon landed right behind me. I hit a switch on the ground to open a portal to get to the area for the final battle and bolted my ass in there to get away from frosty… Must have done about 30 or so attempts on that guy…

I must say that I really enjoyed the story. Learning about the dragons and the history around the Dragonborn was pretty cool. My only gripe with the main story would be that I found it was actually quite short. Most people who play probably don’t race to finish it and get off track with side quests along the way so it probably doesn’t seem that short. It was so hard to stay focused one the main story with so much happening in the world. I love games with great stories so much and I needed to know how this epic tale of the Dragonborn played out. The basic story line is that your character is a Dragonborn. Someone who was born with the blood and soul of a dragon. Which allows them to learn shouts. The ability to speak in the language of the dragons and has special powers associated with the different shouts. There is a dragon called Alduin that has returned and it’s up to the Dragonborn to face him and save Skyrim. Really cool stuff. Enjoyed it a lot.

Despite some weird glitches and a recent patch that made some dragons fly backwards the game really is well done. From the amazing graphics to the music and overall feel of the game Bethesda really outdid themselves this time around. Adding in talent trees on top of the leveling system that’s similar to Oblivion and Morrowind really does give the player a lot of freedom to build their character however they want. With so many things in this game to do from the side quests to crafting and just plain exploring this game really is worth the purchase. I’m really glad I decided to pick this up. Was originally going to pass on it because I thought there was no way I could finish it in time. Even tho I was sick for about a week or two and missed out on a lot of gaming time I at least hit my goal. While I wait for my early access in SWTOR to start in the next couple days I can relax and play some more of the side quests and get to see a bit more of the world.

What kind of character do you choose to build? How much of the story quests have you done? Let me know your thoughts on the game.

Thanks again for reading.


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