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Posted: December 27, 2011 in SWTOR
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Since getting into early access for SWTOR on the first wave on December 14th I pretty much haven’t slept. Between that and work I must say I am pretty exhausted. Well worth it. This game really is amazing. The more I play and the more I get to see the more I love it.

So far I have reached level 38 on my Sith Inquisitor and 31 on my Bounty Hunter. Both characters class stories are absolutely amazing. I have a hard time deciding which to play because I am so excited to see what happens next in both stories. During Beta I did rush around frantically most of the time trying to pick the game apart and find bugs etc while still experiencing what the game was about. Now that I have all the time in the world to play and not just a few days I really am taking my time and savoring the experience. I find myself becoming more and more attached to my characters and their companions the more I play. I usually get attached to my MMO characters but this is an entirely new level. With the voice overs and ability to take part in conversations it adds a completely new dynamic to the experience.

While class quests for each class are completely different the game does have you going to a lot of the same areas and picking up the same side quests. Even some of the quests I have done multiple times going back to Beta I am not bored with. In the live game I have played my Sith Inquisitor Sorcerer as a dark side character. My Bounty Hunter although I have been light side. I find this does offer a bit of variety in the side quests. While the quest is basically the same making light or dark side decisions sometimes gives you different objectives or means to complete them.

It’s the little details like that which make this game so great and unique from other MMOs out there. Making a choice to spare someone or refusing to slaughter an entire settlement can alter the experience a little bit. Now you are essentially doing the same quest but why or how can change which is really cool. The tiniest of things can make the game as a whole a better experience. Even minor details to the game like when you character leans while turning or strafing on your speeder. I love that. Something so simple but I love to see it. Or when your character waves to the shuttle after getting dropped off by quick travel. Such minor details that add to the immersion. I also really enjoy some of the NPC dialogue in the open world. Some of it is pretty hilarious. From imperials talking about going over their water ration limits on Tatooine to random people talking about how useless the Evocii are. There’s so many little things they’ve added to the game to really flesh out the experience and build a living breathing world for us to explore.

Also on top of questing, I have done quite a lot of PvP on my Bounty Hunter. This character will definitely be the one I do most of my Warzones on. I’m not a terrible PvP’er but admittedly I’m not the best either. I can definitely hold my own. I have just found that I really caught on quickly to the BH and how it works and seem to be doing very well with it. I do also enjoy the Sorcerer PvP as well but not as much. It’s still fun but there’s something about using Death From Above to absolutely tear half an opposing team to pieces that just puts a smile on my face. I do enjoy all three Warzones but I just can’t get enough Huttball. I really hope in the future they allow full 8v8 pre-made teams to compete against one another. That would add so much more depth and strategy to Huttball. Also I am hoping that they make new Huttball arenas with different set ups and hazards. That would be amazing.

Now that it is officially released and doing so very well I can’t wait to see what Bioware has planned for us in the future. Hopefully I can pry myself away form the game to get another more in depth post about my SWTOR experience done soon. I just can’t stop playing.

How’s your SWTOR experience going so far? What are some of those little details that you notice about the game that you really enjoy?
Whatever you may be playing in SWTOR I hope you’re having as great a time with it as I am.

May the Force serve you well.
Thanks for reading.

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