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Posted: January 6, 2012 in SWTOR
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So I hit 50 on my Sith Inquisitor a few days ago. Yay me. The class story was awesome and I’m really happy with it. Everything so far in the game I am enjoying. Yes there are bugs and glitches that need to be fixed. That will come with time. Such is the world of MMOs. Things get fixed. Other things break. Overall Bioware has given us a really awesome game. The one bug that I would like to see fixed the most actually is one on my Bounty Hunter. After getting heals from Mako it leaves the green glow on my character. Kind of annoying and I have to re-log to fix it. Nothing major. I just enjoy looking at how bad ass my characters look and it’s hard to look cool when I’m glowing green. Whatever. I’m sure it will get fixed. GG so far Bioware. GG.

What I wanted to get into today was one thing about the game that literally had me in a rage. Ilum. Ilum and the lazy base traders. For those that don’t know, Ilum is a planet that has a Player versus Player area(even on PvE servers) where you have to take control points form the other faction. There are daily and weekly quests that require you to capture the points. What people are doing is standing side by side with the other faction, taking turns capturing the points so they can complete their weekly quests. In my opinion, that’s extremely lame. What’s even worse is when I went in to this PvP area, on a PvP server and got yelled at when I attacked the opposing faction. By my faction. Really… Really? REALLY? I mean come on.

Now maybe there does need to be a little more reward or incentive for these lazy people to actually WANT to kill the other team. I read in a post by Gabe Amatangelo the other day that they will be adding player kills to the quest requirements which is cool. They will also be adding valor reward buffs for controlling points that will reward valor for killing other players. While I am excited to see these changes, isn’t stomping a mud hole in another player reward enough? It is for me. I know there are others out there that feel the same. What ever happened to faction pride and just beating the hell out of the other team for no other reason than tea bagging them or jumping up and down on their corpse while you laugh? This whole standing around chatting with the other faction while trading control to finish your weekly is ridiculous. It’s not bad game design by Bioware. It’s laziness of players who want nothing more than have things handed to them with the least amount of effort as possible. So what if it takes you a week to complete your weekly… IT’S A WEEKLY QUEST! Also you advance the war effort when killing the other team. Don’t know if people realize this. So even though I play on a PvP server I get yelled at by my fellow Imperials if I try to kill the Republic scum. Even on the population imbalanced servers where there are only a few Republic showing up right now, give it time. The population issues will sort themselves out.

I just wish these people would stop exploiting. Yes I said it. In my opinion it’s exploiting. This is where my dilemma comes about. I have not been exploiting Ilum. Therefore I am so far behind when it comes to my PvP gear that even though I am at 50 I get 2 shotted by most other 50s because they are in full champ gear. Now if I want to stay competitive and have a shot in warzones I need to catch up. Base trading is a lame exploit. I don’t want to. It’s looking like I might have to if I want to have any chance at all to stay alive for more that 3 seconds. Anyone who says that Ilum is boring and broken is wrong. Ilum can be great. In fact this morning I went there to check things out and see how things were. There were a few Pubs rolling around capping all the points. I was running around trying to recap as much as I could. I was by myself in my terrible gear and there was 3 of them. Pretty decently PvP geared. They would catch me recapping points and totally merc me. Even though I died about 5 times rolling around trying to complete my daily, it was so much fun. Having to run around and watch out for the Pub players knowing if they caught me I was done for was pretty intense. I can imagine how fun that would be even with larger groups of people rolling on either side. Even with about 5-10 people on each side would be awesome.

Seriously though… What ever did happen to faction pride and sense of accomplishment when you earned something? Let’s just all get along and kill each other like we are supposed to. It’ll be fun. I promise.


Thanks for reading folks.

-Hit 1000 views on the blog on December 31st! Thanks for the support! Hope you enjoy the posts. I love writing them. Thanks again.-

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