Lovin’ my 1.1

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Gaming, SWTOR
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So changes have come it Ilum with patch 1.1 Rise of the Rakghouls. Although when the patch first hit there was kind of a problem with the turrets preventing the opposite faction from camping the spawn area. They were not supposed to be kill-able. Instead they were and on most servers there is a faction imbalance so the poor little pubs were getting their asses handed to them over and over and over and over… Getting outnumbered 100:1 as soon as you spawn… Not fun. They were very quick to get a fix out the following morning correcting the problem with the turrets.

So as I ranted about in a earlier post, I was not happy about the players exploiting the base trading in Ilum. I felt that faction loyalty and pure PvP fun was reason enough to not base trade. Yeah you get gear faster. I don’t care. I would rather work a bit harder for it and have a lot more fun even if it takes longer.

Now in Ilum instead of taking back capture points to complete the quests you have to either kill other players or collect armaments that spawn around the center area. Whats happening on a lot of servers if a population balance issue. Most servers are Imperial favored so it can be hard to complete the daily/weekly quests and cause the Pubs to just not show up at all. I’ve found on my server that even tho the population is Imp favored that most times I’m able to get into some scraps with those filthy Pubs. There’s not a ton of them around all the time but I’ve had a few times in the last few days where we’ve had a good solid groups on either side throwing down pretty hard. It was cool to actually see some PvP in Ilum. Much fun was had for all. They are working on making more improvements for Ilum but I think that it’s a step in the right direction.

In patch 1.1 they also threw level 50 characters in their own Warzone bracket. Epic. The bolstering system works great but the Expertise stat made it impossible for lower level characters to have any chance to take out a well geared 50. Since the patch I have done PvP on my level 50 characters and on my lower ones. My Inquisitor is pretty decently geared in mostly Champ gear. Hold my own pretty well. Specced as a healer so can put up some pretty solid healing numbers. Different story on my Bounty Hunter tho. No PvP gear yet so despite my decent damage output and heavy armor I get rolled so hard. Have had extremely terrible luck with those champ bags so far. Think I have gotten about 6 or 7 on her so far and all I’ve gotten was an ear piece. It’s gonna be a rough go… The plus about being stuck with all 50s is I don’t have to worry about being on a team with one or two 50s and the rest lowbies versus a fully geared 50 premade. Getting tossed against a 50 premade still happens but you at least have a bit of a better chance when you’re with all cap level characters.

Now going to the lower levels. I’ve done quite a bit of PvP on my Imperial Agent Sniper who is sitting around 20 right now. Before 1.1 I was having a pretty brutal time in PvP getting destroyed. Sometimes 2-3 seconds into a fight. Done. Brutal… Now that the cap level has their own bracket I’m having just as much fun in PvP as I was early on before there was a bunch of 50s with a ton of expertise. PvP was starting to get pretty painful while leveling there for a while… Glad that the 50 bracket has reminded me what I loved about SWTOR PvP.

So overall on the PvP side of things I’m really happy with patch 1.1. PvE side – They fixed that green glowy healing bug I mentioned before. Wewt! I’ve not done the Rise of the Rakghouls Flashpoint yet so I can’t share anything about that yet. This coming week I’m going to try and get more into the level 50 and hard mode Flashpoints. Having a good time leveling alts and doing PvP while I wait for a couple fore friends/guildies to hit cap for Ops as well. Everyone I am playing with is having a great time with the game thus far and really looking forward to the upcoming content patch in March. A video uploaded on the SWTOR website shows things like customizable and scalable UI, Guild Banks, Legacy rewards. Looking forward to it.

Thanks a lot for reading.  Sorry for the delay on the posts this past week.  It’s been a very strange/rough week.


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