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Posted: February 14, 2012 in SWTOR
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So I had some issues a little while ago with some of the things happening with the PvP in SWTOR. Lately, other than getting steam rolled by premades which can’t really be avoided, I’ve really been having a great time with it. Now I’m definitely not a pro PvP’er at all. I’m pretty damned good but there are definitely some out there better than me. Even when I lose a hard fought battle I still love it. Those premades that just steam roll my team can be quite frustrating at times but overall, I love it. I am kind of hoping that a lot of these premade groups will queue up for the ranked warzones once they become available. It is possible to beat them but only if you happen to be on a team that listens and works together.

Just before server shut down tonight I was doing some warzones on my level 39 Sith Assassin. Did pretty well think I only lost 1 out of the 5 or so that I was in. Was really fortunate to have gotten some of the same team members for a few of the queues. We got Alderaan Civil War twice and both times myself and another player who knew how to direct without being dicks about were in both. First time everyone was on the ball and won without really breaking a sweat. Second time we did win but it was a bit closer. We were directing people pretty well and got down a bit at first as the other team got two turrets while we only held one. Despite the other team having quite a few healers the team was able to rally and grab a second turret and we held the two for the win. Both victories because of good communication. Even if you aren’t going in to the queue with friends or guildies communication is key. With great teamwork like that it’s even possible to take down some of these indestructible premade groups.

Sometimes you get those people who just come of as total douche bags when trying to co-ordinate people. I admit that I can be that douche bag sometimes. Coming off a string of losses to the same premade group can be frustrating when all I need is one more win for my daily/weekly warzone mission. I do try to not be that guy but it really is hard sometimes. Some people are just like that all the time. With any online game you’re going to run into those kind of players. It does suck, but that is the way of things sometimes.

Since the change to put level 50 characters into a different queue than 10-49, PvP while leveling really has become a lot of fun again. My Assassin has leveled most of the way with only PvP. I’ve done my class story quests and skipped most others. The one downside to that level 50 bracket is for those fresh cap level characters. My second 50, a Bounty Hunter, was pretty much useless for a little while in PvP once I hit 50. I tried to help out as much as I could but getting 2 shotted by Battlemaster geared players was pretty discouraging. Gearing up was a little rough at first. They’ve made changes to the bags that you get PvP commendations out of that make it much easier to gear up. Before you had a chance to get a piece of gear in each bag and you always got a small amount of commendations. Now you get more commendations but a lower chance of a gear piece dropping. A much more predictable way for you to get your gear. I love the change.

In a couple of weeks prior to the change I had one piece drop in a bag and was able to get a couple more with commendations. I had worked a lot on the Assassin lately so wasn’t really doing much with my 50’s. Earlier this week I decided to gear up my Bounty Hunter. Took me 3 days to get a full set minus my main hand weapon. Was a lot of work and did spend the better part of those 3 days doing nothing but PvP, but was a lot of fun and definitely worth it.

Now, on to Ilum. Thankfully the lame ass base trading is a thing of the past. The only problem I’ve seen now is due to population imbalance. On some servers it is REALLY bad. Imps outnumber the Pubs exponentially on some. On my server Belgoth’s Beacon, Imps still outnumber the Pubs but it seems to have gotten much better than it was. I’ve taken part in some epic battles that have lasted an hour or two with at least an ops group on either side fighting for their lives. It’s not always like that.  Seems to happen a few times each day.  If there’s not enough Pubs kicking around, there’s always hunting for armament pickups in the central area to finish your daily. Kinda boring and can take some time since the other Imps on Ilum are trying to do the same thing. It may not be perfect but it’s a million times better than it was. Not getting yelled at for killing enemy players is a win in my books.


That’s all for now. May the Force server you well. Thanks for reading.


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