SWTOR Guild Summit, 1.1.5 and the Jesus Patch

Posted: March 7, 2012 in Gaming, SWTOR
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The last couple of days Bioware had invited some guild leaders and media to Bioware Austin and get a sneak peek at the upcoming Patch 1.2.  Also known to some as the Jesus patch.  Wish I could have been there.  Patch 1.1.5 released yesterday as well which brought some cool changes.  With the amount of stuff to go over I’m not going to be able to hit everything.  I’d just like to focus on a few things. Mainly, some of the PvP changes in the latest patch and some of the Legacy stuff they shared at the Guild Summit.

First off I’ll start with what’s actually in the game now.  Patch 1.1.5.  It was deployed during the weekly maintenance yesterday.  Quite a few changes.  Most notable changes I feel are the changes to PvP.  The first is the change to damage over time abilities.  Before the patch, if you wanted to keep the other team from capturing objectives you could just DoT up enemies.  The damage would tick every few seconds preventing them from capping the objective.  Damage from Dots no longer prevents players from capping objectives.  Interesting change.  Have done a few warzones since the patch went live and didn’t actually “notice” the change.  I understand why they made the change.  It was a bit of a balance issue.  Some classes could DoT up a lot of players or a group of players very  quickly.  Some could not.  Not sure if I like it yet.  Need more time to experience it to see how I feel about it.

Another change to PvP was a respawn “nerf” to the Alderaan Civil Warzone.  The way it worked before when you died you could click the speeder to return to the fight instantly.  Which made taking over the turrets, especially the side turrets, very difficult.  Players could be killed and click the speeder and be back in the fight before you could cap the turret.  This change I really like.  I’m sure I’ll be cursing it a few times when I just want to get back to defend but it’s a good change in my opinion.  I think it will make for a lot more closer battles in ACW.  Quite a few times I’d have my team just go for the side turrets only. We would be able to hold them for the entire duration without really having to worry because we could get back to stop the cap.

The last PvP change I’ll touch on from 1.1.5 is the Ilum daily/weekly quests.  While they have made some good changes to Ilum lately it’s still not working as intended.  So in the interim while they continue to work on it, they are giving players credit towards their Ilum daily/weekly quests from warzones.  I think it’s a good change.  Some people don’t have a lot of time to play.  Perhaps the times that they are able to play, there isn’t a lot going on with Ilum. They also could be on a server that has a severe population imbalance and it’t jsut not worthwhile to go there.  This allows them to queue up for warzones to finish those quests when they do get the time to play. Some believe that with this change it gives people no real reason to go to Ilum any more until they get it to where they feel it’s “fixed”.   I kinda like it sometimes. I’ve had some pretty epic battles there. Interested to see what they have planned for Ilum in the future.

Side note about Ilum.  A friend of mine posted an interesting suggestion.  Definitely a great idea.  Perhaps simple changes like this over time can make it better.  Simple way to make Ilum better

So much to get into from the Guild Summit. I wont get into everything. What I’m most excited to get my hands on with 1.2 is the Legacy system. I play the game quite a bit. Have three level 50s at the moment and a few more alts over halfway there. I am up to around Legacy level 27. So right off the bat I’m sure I’ll be able to get some cool unlocks. They haven’t revealed all the perks that we’re going to get or what level they become unlocked. They gave us great examples of some of the things that we can look forward to. Most notably would be Sprint ability at level 1.  It’s.  About.  Damn.  Time.  I figured they would lower it at some point to at least level 10 so that you have it when you start queueing for PvP. Level 1? Even better.

They also mentioned Legacy weapons and armor that you can share between your characters. Not scaling gear like the Heirloom stuff available in World of Warcraft.  My guess would be a moddable armor set that would work like the social gear.  It becomes light, medium, or heavy armor depending on what your character uses.  The social gear at the moment is only light armor which sucks for anyone who isn’t an Inquisitor or Consular.  They will be fixing that in 1.2 from what I understand.  Let’s just hope it looks cool.  I’m not a big fan of the look of end game gear at the moment.  Have piles of moddable gear sitting in my character banks just waiting to have it as a viable option at endgame.

Another gear related thing to mention is the color matching.  The system they had in Beta for a while was removed towards the end of testing.  They wanted to build a much more robust system for it and it’s coming in 1.2.  Instead of just matching everything to your chest piece like it did in its original design, it will pick matching colors.  Not necessarily the same color.  It will allow you to toggle each piece individually.  When you first equip the item it will have its default colors showing and you can choose to match it if you don’t like how it looks.  Can’t wait to play around  with this.

They are putting in the alignment abilities, including… Wait for it… NEUTRAL!!! So for all you grey Jedi/Sith or neutral non force users, you will be able to have access to special some special abilities. Wicked cool.  There will also be Heroic abilities that you unlock once you complete chapter 3 for a class story. One of the examples they gave was Force Choke. Once you complete the story for a Sith Warrior you unlock a Force Choke ability that you can use while questing with your companion. That’s the key. With your companion. So it will not cause balance issues in Warzone PvP. You also cannot use them in Operations. Stoked to check out how this works. Bounty Hunters rocking a Force Choke? Interesting.

New character creation options will become available once you reach cap level with a certain race. This will unlock both the Republic and Imperial options for that race. Regardless of which faction you decide to create the character. It will also unlock new race/class combinations like Sith Purebood Jedi, Miralukan Sith Inquisitors etc.

There was a TON of stuff that Bioware gave us about the Jesus Patch. TON. Way to much for me to get on about without making this post a thousand pages long. For really great coverage about the presentations/Q&A from the Guild Summit and Patch 1.1.5, be sure to check out Darth Hater.  Also this weeks episode of The Republic on Gamebreaker TV has some really great discussion about some of the upcoming changes for 1.2. GBTV has recently built a whole new website that has constant gaming news updates. Be sure to check out the SWTOR section on there for even more info about all the panels from the Guild Summit and much more.

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