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Posted: May 5, 2012 in Gaming, Music
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Thought it would be fun to throw out a post about two of my three favorite things. Gaming and music. Third is Vodka but that’s a whole other post. That I’ll probably never write. Unless I’m really drunk. From Vodka. Moving along. I’ve always been a music fan. Going back to when I was a kid. I still listen to a lot of the same stuff I did back then. Typically a lot of punk/metal/rock’n’roll. Except for some really ridiculous shit that I would put on to screw with people because… Well, I was a kid and it was hilarious. I remember spending days organizing a set list to make a killer mixed tape for my walk-man. Nowadays with massive storage on portable media devices that art of the mixed tape has all but vanished. For me these days I still take the time to meticulously create playlists. Not for portable use. I just load my Droid up and hit shuffle for that. My carefully thought out playlists are for when I’m gaming.

The bulk of the gaming I do these days is with MMOs. I have a main playlist with my 100+ gigs of music that I throw on when I’m trudging the interwebs for entertainment or just sitting around reading comics, or hey! When I’m writing a blog. Although sometimes that just screws me up and I have to end up turning it off or switching to a more focused playlist. I’ve actually written lyrics in the middle of a paragraph while writing a post without realizing it until I proofread it later on. I’m sure I’ll be drunk and or tired when I throw a post up someday and I’ll miss one. Should be funny. Ok. Back on topic. When I play MMOs I have very specific playlists depending on the task at hand. I find that depending on what you dive into in an MMO each has a completely different mindset that I approach it with. Leveling, endgame and PvP all put me in different mindsets that make me want to hear different music.

My leveling playlists tend to be a bit more general than the others. Usually things that I just have fun listening to. Bands like NOFX or Dropkick Murphys for example are just fun as hell to listen to and just takes away from the “grind” that leveling can become in some games. This playlist has actually got quite a bit of punk rock tunes on it. Has a good mix of other things as well but the majority is just songs that are fun to listen to that I can sit here and rock out to while tearing through leveling content like a beast. Also seems there’s a lot of Motley Crue on this one too. Just an all around fun playlist to get into. This is usually the list I’ll throw on if I’m listening to music while rocking the console games.

My endgame playlist is much more focused on specific songs and bands that help me concentrate. Having something that helps me focus so I can keep an eye on what’s going on around me and call things out is great. This list strays from the fast paced punk rock dominated list I listen to while leveling. This list has a lot of TOOL on it. I find that especially with TOOL, it really helps me focus clearly on what I’m doing without much of a distraction. Another band that tends to take up a big spot in the list is Nine Inch Nails. It’s a very metal/industrial heavy list that really gets me in the zone. A lot less random and designed to give my brain something to sink into while I focus on taking down the biggest bads in our various MMO universes.

The last one is probably the most important. Player. Versus. Player. This list is populated by a lot of balls to the wall metal that just gets me revved up and wanting to tear things to shreds. The major players I throw on this list would be bands like Slayer, Pantera and Manowar. Songs that are very aggressive and work like my own personal war drums. Nothing quite like the feeling of running into a battle with Surfacing by Slipknot playing in the background to get the blood flowing. A bonus thing that I’ve found over the years is that this PvP playlist has done for me. Cut down on my cost in keyboards. There was a time when I would completely fly into a frenzied nerd rage and break things. Usually my poor defenseless keyboard. I still get pissed off from time to time and pound my desk. Still curse into vent/mumble profusely sometimes too. This list really helps me focus on the task at hand and worry less about beating up things around me that cost money to replace. Pretty hilarious. The intention of this list, while the less breaking of peripherals is nice, is to get the blood flowing and help me channel any rage on the task at hand.

Whether it’s different things I’m doing within a game or a style of game I always find that music helps me get into what I’m doing. Gaming for me is an escape from reality and music helps me to lose myself in what I’m doing and really get immersed in what I’m playing. I still enjoy hearing the game sounds/music and usually have the master volume set to about 20%. Then I have my playlist rocking in WinAmp at about 10% volume and can still clearly everything. That is of course if I have vent/mumble on. Being able to hear the people who you’re raiding or PvPing with kinda helps too. When I’m rolling solo I usually have things turned up higher.

Listening to music definitely helps me focus and makes me better at whatever I may be playing. Some people can’t listen to music at all and find it a distraction. Some turn game sounds/music off completely and just listen to tunes. Curious to know how your gaming and music mixes if at all. Let me know!

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