What I’m looking forward to the most from E3

Posted: June 7, 2012 in Gaming
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So these posts are mainly for me to rant on and on about things that I’m playing, reading or looking forward to. With E3 going on, there’s a lot of really cool and exciting things on the horizon for gamers. I’m not gonna break down all the press conferences and pick who did better or had a better showing. All I really care about are some of the upcoming titles. I’ll list a couple that I’m looking forward to the most. Although I will mention that the Xbox SmartGlass thing did seem pretty cool. What was even better was Trey Parker coming out to announce the South Park game and poking fun at all your devices being connected. Love Matt and Trey. Pure geniuses.

So on that note I might as well kick off with the upcoming South Park game. The Stick of Truth. This game pretty much looks like how they described it. An interactive episode of South Park where you play the new kid. From the brief trailer they showed it look to have all the language and quips that one would expect from an episode of the cartoon. I’ve been a fan for a long time and really looking forward to getting my hands on this game. With achievable ranks like Douchebag and Butthole this game really looks like it will capture that epic South Park spirit. With degrading nicknames and ridiculous weapons like Cartmans moms “vibro-blade”, this game is going to be epic. Can’t wait. More info at Stick of Truth.

The next title that really caught my attention was The Last of Us. The game-play videos for this game really shows an intense environment that really looks to emphasize the fight for survival. The setting is a post apocalyptic Pittsburg 20 years after an outbreak kills most of humanity. No mention if there will be other locations. I’m looking forward to fighting against other survivors and whatever Zombies or other creatures the awesome folks down at Naughty Dog are going to pit us against. If they can capture the cinematic greatness and intensity that they nailed with the Uncharted series, they will definitely have another winner. From all the videos the cover, and combat systems seems to work together seamlessly. They were smooth in Uncharted so there’s no reason to question whether they will be in TLoU. The AI for the enemies in the demo and for your companion Ellie seem very well done. She reacts to enemies and tries to help out when she can like throwing a brick at an enemy to throw them off so you can get the upper hand. Also enemies react to whats happening as well. Like hearing that disappointing “click” when you run out of ammo. Naughty Dog really looks to have something great here. Very stoked to see more from this title. For more info and some wicked videos including the E3 game-play video check out The Last Of Us.

Another zombie title that I’m really stoked for is Resident Evil 6. I’m a huge fan of the series. I must say that having Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy both in the same RE title is going to be wicked as hell. I’ve watched the trailers but am not sure yet if I’ll get to see my personal favorite character from the game series. Claire Redfield. Hopefully she’ll be in there somewhere. I’ve not been that big a fan of the off title RE games like Umbrella Chronicles and the like but the core RE games have all been great. This title is looking like it won’t disappoint. Having the choice to play three full campaigns, as Chris, Leon or Jake Muller(Wesker JR ZOMG) seems like a really cool idea. Three campaigns, each with a different feel and game-play all with a unifying story seems really awesome. Kind of like the RE2 Scenario A/B ramped up to be even more awesome. In interviews the developers have also said that they have added to the controls to give even more ways to blast holes and beat the shit out of Zombies but keeping them fluid and intuitive. Did I mention Zombies? While fighting the Ganados and other non-Zombie enemies was cool and fun in the last few titles, nothing is as satisfying as wrecking a Zombie horde in an RE game. Also in the Jake campaign there’s a bit of a throwback to RE3 type game-play with the fear of constantly being chased by the Ustanak Monster. Running from Nemesis in RE3 got pretty intense at times. Will be cool to see that element of running for your life from a big bad back in the series. Check out the official Resident Evil 6 site for more info.

The last one I want to mention before I end this long ass drooling rant is Quantic Dreams new title. Beyond:Two Souls. I loved their previous game, Heavy Rain. I’ve played through it at least half a dozen times. This game starring Ellen Page as Jodie Holmes, touches on what might lie beyond. A character that has always felt something there. Something perhaps on the other side. Looks great. Words just can’t do this beautiful looking game any justice at all. Definitely keep an eye on Beyond:Two Souls for more info.

Plenty of other titles showcased at E3 look awesome. Like the new Tomb Raider, ZombieU, Star Wars 1313 and the new SimCity to mention a few. It looks like gamers are gonna have their hands full for the next while with all the upcoming games. For more in-depth articles, interviews and videos be sure to check out all your favorite gaming news destinations for more info on everything E3. What games shown at E3 really have you chomping at the bit to get your hands on? Leave a comment and let me know!

Thanks for reading!

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