Need more Punishment… Thomas Jane style

Posted: July 21, 2012 in Comics, Movies
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So this is the first post in a little while. Sorry about that. Between a new job that has completely flipped my schedule, technical issues with my PC and general RL stuff, finding time to get some gaming in let alone do some writing has been tough. Instead of going to bed between 7-10am, I’m now up at 6 am for work. It’s been a little rough adjusting. I’m slowly getting used to it and will hopefully have more time to get some work done for the website. Also more time to actually play games and read comics. I’m so behind on my comics. I’m going to have to set aside a couple of days to do nothing but tear through a bunch of titles and get all caught up.

Let get right into it. So for the most part I can’t stand comic book movies. I find when they change a lot of things that it loses the feel of the original source material. Minor changes that modernize the story or don’t take away from the original characters I’m fine with. Perfect example would be Jarvis in the Iron Man movies. Instead of being his butler it’s an AI that Tony Stark created. Thought that was kinda cool. I feel that most of the time they change way to much and it just loses whatever made me enjoy the characters and stories in the first place.

The specific comic related movie I want to get into today is the Punisher 2004 flick with Thomas Jane. While not a huge success in theaters, it is one of my favorite comic movies. I thought Jane did an awesome job portraying Frank Castle. Always wanted to see him reprise the role but got Punisher: War Zone instead which was a steaming pile of crap. Even the old 80s Dolph Lundgren Punisher movie which I thought was pretty terrible was better than War Zone. The Directors Cut of Punisher 2004 was even better. It added in a whole side story with Franks partner Jimmy Weeks(Russel Andrews) that was completely removed from the theatrical release. Makes the movie even better. If you enjoyed the theatrical cut of the film I’d definitely suggest getting your hands on a Directors Cut and taking a look.

So why am I going on about a movie from 8 years ago? San Diego Comic Con was this past weekend. Really need to get out there for it one year. The con I usually get to every year is Canadian Fan Expo in Toronto. About a month away. Pretty stoked. Moving along. At SDCC a short called Dirty Laundry was released. Thomas Jane created this because he wanted to make a fan film for a character he said he always loved and believed in. As a love letter to Frank Castle & his fans. Everyone involved in creating it did so on their own time and the end product is absolutely amazing. I really do hope that on top of being a fantastic short film that it can generate enough support and feedback to become something more. For me Thomas Jane will always be the face of the Punisher. They need to make another full length film with him as Castle. He does it so well and loves playing the character. Would be totally kick ass to see him do it again.

Ron Perlman also played a bit in the short film as a store clerk. A character who sees all the terrible things that happen around him and is incapable of doing anything about it. Don’t worry though. Franks got it under control. If they can make this into something more it would be really wicked to see Perlman play that character in it. I would also love to see the misfits from the apartment building make an appearance as well. Some of my favorite moments from the 2004 movie involved them. Ben Foster, Rebecca Romijn and John Pinette all did spectacular jobs.

So if you have not seen The Punisher from 2004, or the Dirty Laundry short I suggest you take a look. Both are really wicked and worth checking out. The Punisher is one of my favorite characters of all time and really would like to see Thomas Jane reprise the role.

Here’s a link to the short. Enjoy! Dirty Laundry

Thanks a lot for reading.

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