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So this is the first post in a little while. Sorry about that. Between a new job that has completely flipped my schedule, technical issues with my PC and general RL stuff, finding time to get some gaming in let alone do some writing has been tough. Instead of going to bed between 7-10am, I’m now up at 6 am for work. It’s been a little rough adjusting. I’m slowly getting used to it and will hopefully have more time to get some work done for the website. Also more time to actually play games and read comics. I’m so behind on my comics. I’m going to have to set aside a couple of days to do nothing but tear through a bunch of titles and get all caught up.

Let get right into it. So for the most part I can’t stand comic book movies. I find when they change a lot of things that it loses the feel of the original source material. Minor changes that modernize the story or don’t take away from the original characters I’m fine with. Perfect example would be Jarvis in the Iron Man movies. Instead of being his butler it’s an AI that Tony Stark created. Thought that was kinda cool. I feel that most of the time they change way to much and it just loses whatever made me enjoy the characters and stories in the first place.

The specific comic related movie I want to get into today is the Punisher 2004 flick with Thomas Jane. While not a huge success in theaters, it is one of my favorite comic movies. I thought Jane did an awesome job portraying Frank Castle. Always wanted to see him reprise the role but got Punisher: War Zone instead which was a steaming pile of crap. Even the old 80s Dolph Lundgren Punisher movie which I thought was pretty terrible was better than War Zone. The Directors Cut of Punisher 2004 was even better. It added in a whole side story with Franks partner Jimmy Weeks(Russel Andrews) that was completely removed from the theatrical release. Makes the movie even better. If you enjoyed the theatrical cut of the film I’d definitely suggest getting your hands on a Directors Cut and taking a look.

So why am I going on about a movie from 8 years ago? San Diego Comic Con was this past weekend. Really need to get out there for it one year. The con I usually get to every year is Canadian Fan Expo in Toronto. About a month away. Pretty stoked. Moving along. At SDCC a short called Dirty Laundry was released. Thomas Jane created this because he wanted to make a fan film for a character he said he always loved and believed in. As a love letter to Frank Castle & his fans. Everyone involved in creating it did so on their own time and the end product is absolutely amazing. I really do hope that on top of being a fantastic short film that it can generate enough support and feedback to become something more. For me Thomas Jane will always be the face of the Punisher. They need to make another full length film with him as Castle. He does it so well and loves playing the character. Would be totally kick ass to see him do it again.

Ron Perlman also played a bit in the short film as a store clerk. A character who sees all the terrible things that happen around him and is incapable of doing anything about it. Don’t worry though. Franks got it under control. If they can make this into something more it would be really wicked to see Perlman play that character in it. I would also love to see the misfits from the apartment building make an appearance as well. Some of my favorite moments from the 2004 movie involved them. Ben Foster, Rebecca Romijn and John Pinette all did spectacular jobs.

So if you have not seen The Punisher from 2004, or the Dirty Laundry short I suggest you take a look. Both are really wicked and worth checking out. The Punisher is one of my favorite characters of all time and really would like to see Thomas Jane reprise the role.

Here’s a link to the short. Enjoy! Dirty Laundry

Thanks a lot for reading.


DC Universe Online has just made the shift to a free to play model. I had never tried the game before the change. I decided since it’s free I might as well give it a shot. I like me some superhero MMOs. I have played City of Heroes/Villains and Champions Online quite a bit before. Both are really fun, and F2P now. If you haven’t been tried either of those before, give them a shot. They’re free. What have ya got to lose?

Now onto DCUO. It’s only gone free to play a few days ago so I haven’t had a ton of time with it yet. I must say that I really am enjoying it so far. The character creation had a lot of really cool options. Not as much as I was used to in Champions but still more than enough to keep me entertained for about two or three hours while I made a few characters. The power selection allows you to pick a popular DC character and use them as a starting point or you can choose them yourself. Once in the game the skill trees for the powers resemble a typical MMO style tree that you put points into as you level. You can also choose to be hero or villain which affects your allies within the world. At the beginning while you are running through the starting area it also affects whether Superman or Lex Luthor show up to give you a hand.

The combat is definitely fun. Even at early levels I feel pretty awesome and can kick some serious ass. Although I bit off more than I could chew a few times by pulling a bunch of enemies. Yeah I got my ass handed to me. Since this MMO is also available on PS3 the combat really does feel like an action combat style console title. I tried initially playing with keyboard and mouse but decided to try it out with a controller. While I do enjoy my keyboard and mouse, especially for MMOs, this game definitely felt more comfortable with the controller. Very easy to select powers on the action bars with the controller.

The graphics are pretty damned good. I had seen cinematic trailer footage before and small clips of game-play but this was my first time hands on with DCUO. I’m fortunate enough to have a PC that will run it at max settings and I must say it really is a pretty looking game. The character detail is very well done. The environments that I have seen so far are textured really well. I’ve only seen a few instanced environments and Metropolis so far. I’m pretty stoked to get my ass over to Gotham City.

Also a big part of comics is story. The story that gets introduced at the beginning of the game is pretty cool. The heroes of the world have been defeated and Lex Luthor comes from the future with a plan to attempt to save it. Pretty cool concept. Looking forward to seeing how the story arc plays out.

There are micro transactions involved with the game that unlock different things. Costume pieces, arena characters and the Green Lantern expansion pack. You can choose to subscribe to the game which gives you a few extra features and access to the DLC.

Anyone wanting a different MMO than the more typical fantasy experience or is a fan of superheroes should definitely give this game a shot. With City Of, Champions and DCUO all free to play now there are plenty of options out there for superhero fans to play in the MMO space.

Now go save the world, or enslave it… Whatever purpose you choose to use your powers for… Just make sure you’re the most bad ass hero or villain that you can be and that ya have fun doing it. I’ll see you in Gotham.

Thanks for reading.


At this point all the issue 1s if the New 52 are out. Read them all except for a few. I haven’t read Aquaman, Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, Green Lantern – New Guardians or Red Lanterns. Notice a pattern there? Anyway. Moving along. Some of them I found were extremely lacking. Others completely blew me away. Of the new 52 there is only a few that I liked enough to follow with every issue. I’ve already done a post a little while back talking about some of them. So I may mention a few that I had previously.

So here we go. I’ve gone through and re-read all 48 of them in the last few days. I’ve read so many comics lately that I needed a refresher for some of the early ones that came out. I did that instead of reading any of the issue 2s that came out. Really should get on that. Here’s my list of DC titles that I will definitely be getting each month.

Action Comics – Superman story, but this ain’t your usual Superman. In my earlier post I mentioned that all the things that I didn’t like about Superman were gone. Really big fan of this book. Wish I could say the same about the other Superman titles…

Animal Man – Even after reading through the New 52, this title is still one of my favourites. About a man who can draw power from animals and gain different abilities. Really well written and has a ton of potential.

Batgirl – Another really well written book. I enjoyed her character flaw that cause some issues while she’s trying to do her superhero thing. A little past trauma that gets in the way. Loved it.

Batman and Robin – Surprised that I enjoyed this one. Never liked the Robin character. Looking forward to seeing what they will do with it in this. Very cool book.

Detective Comics – Batman comic that was so awesome my brain exploded when I hit the last page. So epic that as soon as I’m done writing this I’ll be grabbing issue 2 and tearing through it.

Nightwing – This book is our old friend Dick Grayson being pretty awesome, kinda… Gets into it with a fully armored foe that beats him pretty bad and leaves Dick in a pretty bad spot leading into the next issue. Really great artwork. Check it out.

Batman – Its Batman. Nothing about this I didn’t like. Artwork was great. Story was awesome. It’s Batman. Go. Read. Now.

Batman The Dark Knight – Another Batman title. I feel that it’s the weakest of the three Batman books. Still pretty awesome tho. What can I say, I’m a sucker for Batman… He’s a bad ass…

Justice League Dark – This issue was weird. One of the characters peers into a dark future with a slew of dead heroes. It was pretty wicked. Personally really loved the brief appearance of Constantine. Interested to see how this story plays out.

Supergirl – Another title I wasn’t sure I was going to like. The setup in this issue was really great. It has her crash-land and get attacked by people she can’t understand because she speaks Kryptonian. She starts discovering her powers that she gains from the yellow sun as she progresses to kick their asses. Pretty cool stuff.

There are definitely some other titles that I will be keeping an eye on from time to time if I can afford but these I will be getting every month. Overall I must say that most of the launch issues of the New 52 were pretty solid. Not all was of interest to me but they really do have a very broad spectrum of styles. A few titles that I was looking forward to I didn’t really enjoy. Swamp Thing and Birds of Prey most notably. I was really excited for those issues but couldn’t get into them. Catwoman was particularly disappointing. Also in the Action Comics issues they portrayed Superman in a way that I really liked and the other Superman titles not so much.

I really do recommend taking a look through the New 52 titles. There is something in there for everyone. Some really great and diverse titles. These are just the ones that I enjoyed and will follow closely. I have not been into DC Comics for years. The New 52 has brought me back. Has made me a fan of theirs again. This reboot is just what they needed and I think they pulled it off really well.

GG DC Comics. GG.

What titles really got you? Which ones do you think weren’t very impressive at all? Let me know.

Thanks a lot for reading. Now…. Do I play Gears 3 or read some of the Issue #2s… Decisions, decisions, hrm…

I’m out

Silly drawings and funny costumes

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This could just be the senseless ramblings of a crazy stubborn nerd or it could have some merit. Who knows. I tend to ramble a lot. I was thinking lately about my fan obsessions that I have had over the years. Most have remained the same, some I’ve picked up along the way and some I’ve lost. The one I’m writing about now is my comic obsession. I grew up reading a lot. Novels, comics, biographies or whatever else. I always held comics in high regard. They were as much of an escape to me growing up as music and video games. The surreal and supernatural settings always made me feel better for some strange reason.

Despite my love for comic books I found myself getting away from them a lot come the late 90s early 2000s. Around that time I had lost the bulk of my collection due to unfortunate circumstances. I still read some from time to time and still enjoyed them but it just wasn’t the same. Some of it was due to life getting in the way and just not having the time anymore. I also felt a lot of the comics that I had grown to love just weren’t as good as they were before. I’ve tried to keep up with the general happenings in the industry and what major things were going on. Some friends of mine still casually collected and I took a peek from time to time but most stories just couldn’t pull me in.

Lately I have tried to make some fundamental changes to my outlook. I’ve given new things a chance trying to change it up a bit. Over the last few years I’ve been slowly getting back into collecting and reading comics more regularly. This past year or so I’ve really been getting that old obsessive feeling back. I’ve found some great new books that I really enjoy and I find I’m able to lose myself in. Even rediscovering some old stories that I missed reading.

I was thinking that maybe it’s because I’m trying to find that amazing feeling I had growing up. When I read a great comic it just took me away from reality for a while. Seeing the bad guy get a good beat down. Or that feeling you get when you see your favorite hero or villain get defeated and you grind your teeth waiting for that next issue in hopes that they will get back up, dust it off and kick some ass.

I guess all I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t always take big fulfilling moments or experiences to make it all worthwhile. Sometimes all it takes is a tiny book filled with silly drawings of people in funny costumes doing extraordinary things.


Thanks for reading.


At this point I’ve gotten around to reading most of the issue #1’s that are out so far. Some of the titles I’ve read were pretty bland and I just couldn’t get into. Others were really awesome and have me looking forward to the next issue. Some I found were decent enough throughout and then BAM! on the last page sunk their hooks in and made me want more.

Some of the titles that I really enjoyed the most were Batgril, Animal Man, Batman and Robin, Detective Comics, Action Comics and Batwing(kinda)… There are others that I also liked but these are the ones so far that I will probably keep up with.

Batgirl was probably my favourite title so far. I really enjoyed the characters internal dialogue throughout the book. It leads to a really great twist in the story which I’m really looking forward to watching unfold.

Animal man was one that while reading I thought was okay. I really enjoyed the family setting that it starts out in. Where I really started to get into this one is towards the end. It takes this really messed up swing out to left field and just gets a bit weird. Good weird though.

Batman and Robin was a title that I really though I wouldn’t like. I’ve never been a fan of the Robin character. Always kind of thought he was a bit lame. This new rebooted Robin is actually really awesome. There’s definitely a wicked new dynamic to the dark knights’ side kick that will surely make for some really dramatic story lines.

Detective Comics would be a close second for me. This a good ol’ Batman vs Joker storyline. Absolutely great artwork and writing. If I had not already been hooked on this one by the first few pages, the cliffhanger ending literally made my jaw drop. I’m probably looking forward to the second issue of this more than any other so far just because of the end. Holy shitballs is really the only proper way to describe it.

Batwing. The artwork in this one was amazing. Story didn’t really pull me in. It’s basically a hero set in Africa who’s funded/supported by Batman. Something crazy happens that will keep me coming back at least for a few issues but I’m still kind of on the fence about it. Definitely worth a read through.

Action Comics is a Superman book. Superman is another DC hero that I really have never been a fan of. This new Superman? I’m already a fan. Definitely a must read in my opinion. He doesn’t seems as indestructible as he was before and seems to leap tall buildings in a single bound, not fly. Also, he kinda seems like a dick and a wanted Vigilante to boot it seems. Very cool.

There was a couple of titles that I felt were pretty weak. Batwoman was one that I really couldn’t get into. Can’t really nail down what about it put me off but I just wasn’t feeling it. Also Deathstroke and Men Of War were another two that I didn’t really like. Deathstroke is a mercenary comic. Which for me personally isn’t usually my style. Men Of War is duh, a war comic. I think because of playing so many war based action games and watching war films, that reading a war comic just isn’t as exciting any more for me. If you’re a fan of Merc or War comics these two would be right up your alley. Just ain’t my style.

I’ll definitely have more posts about the New 52. There are a few more releases coming tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to checking out Batman and Birds of Prey. Those I listed are really only a few of the titles I’ve had the time to fully digest. So far the DC reboot has been surprisingly good. I like most of what I have read and am definitely looking forward to more. It seems there is a broad range of story types. They really do have something for everyone. Take a look at the New 52. Let me know what titles you liked, which ones you didn’t.

I’ve been working on this post for over 4 hours now while watching @MikeSchaffnit live stream some GoW3 on GBTV. I really need to stop distracting myself while I write these.

That’s all for now. I still am new to this so any feedback at all is more than welcome. Thanks for reading.

I’m out

Yes. I am going to be writing about DC Comics and Xbox.  Two things that anyone who knows me will read the title and say, “ummm wtf… Are you drunk?” No. I’m not. Also could possibly be thinking, “What planet are you from and what have you done with our friend?”  They tried to abduct me but I punched them in their baby makers.  With my foot. At least I think it was their baby makers.  Because one of them turned around and kicked me in the groin.  With his fist, and then they left.  Ok. Right. Moving along… Lets just get right into it.

I have been very anti DC.  I have been for a while now. Probably around ten years or so.  The last real DC stuff I had read was the death and life of Superman.  The whole scenario leading up to the death of Superman was really awesome.  I even enjoyed the Rise of the Supermen stuff that came shortly afterwards.  After that I felt that a lot of DC titles kinda dropped off and were really just not that good anymore.  I was thinking about it recently and perhaps subconsciously I was comparing those to the Death of Superman. Which obviously wouldn’t compare. If I remember correctly they also changed Superman and his powers for a while and it was just weird. Point is I kind of lost faith in DC and haven’t really looked too hard at much that’s been happening in the DC universe for some time now.  Checked out a few random Batman issues here and there since then but other than that I’ve kind of been out of the DC loop.

So for those that have been paying attention to the comics industry, you have probably heard the DC is doing a complete reboot.  Well has done.  As of August 31st.  The new fifty two.  Fifty two new issue number ones of titles like Detective Comics, Superman, Batman, Justice League and so many, many more that will be released throughout September.  For the full list check out  I’ve heard quite a few things about the new “rebooted” titles and have to admit I am a little bit intrigued.  Even the Justice League comic has me a little curious.  Probably because in some of the shots I’ve seen, it looks like Hal Jordan is getting the crap kicked out of him.  Seeing the Green Lantern get beat up always makes me smile.  The only one I have personally read so far is the Justice League International.  It was alright.  Nothing overly mind blowing but the issue did leave me curious about issue number two.  Mostly because I had no clue who most of the characters were and really want to know what the hell their super powers are.  It looks like I will be taking a trip to the comic store next week to grab a few of these titles.  Need to pick myself up a few long boxes anyways so I may as well grab a few of the “New 52” while I’m at it.  Once I’ve sunk my teeth in to a few more of the titles I’ll surely do another post with reviews of as many issues that I can read.

This is also a prefect opportunity for people who themselves, or have friends that have been interested in starting to collect comics to hop on board.  Also for someone like me who has been out of the loop for so long it as good a time as any to jump in and take a look.  I’m just hoping that this isn’t as disappointing as the Ultimate Universe from Marvel.  I know that wasn’t a full reboot like DC has done here but I really couldn’t stand it.  There was an issue or two from a few of the Ultimate titles at the beginning that were sort of half decent, but was thoroughly disappointed and completely lost interest.  You have to figure tho, with the “New 52” there has to be at least one or two titles that are good right?  Kidding. I really have high hopes for this reboot.  I’m hoping that the majority of the titles pick up I enjoy and collect for years to come.

This blog has been in the works for some time now.  I have wanted to blog about comics/gaming and just plain old nerd stuff that I love so much for a while now.  I just never found the time to do it or lacked ideas/ambition to get it done.  Over the past few weeks as I have worked up the drive to finally get it done, I began thinking about what games I would talk about.  I’ve pretty much decided to talk about whatever game or comic or topic that popped into my head that gave me a good idea to write about.  Which brings me to the second part of this post.

I game on my PC and my PS3.  Mostly on my PC, but I love some of the great exclusive content that is available on PS3.  I do not own an  Xbox360.  Many of my friends have an Xbox.  I have played them quite a bit.  One of the reasons I don’t own an Xbox is because a lot of their heavy hitting exclusive titles I am not really a fan of.  Also because most of the people I know that own 360s have had to replace them at least once over the years.  Some because of RRoD others because of random hardware issues.  I also have an undying hatred for Microsoft as well which has stopped me from purchasing an Xbox360.  The point of all this is not to sit here and zomg QQ rofltcopter about the whole console war bullshit.  Play what you want, I really don’t care.  Since I have been putting serious thought recently into this blog, I have taken a step back and tried to think objectively about a lot of things.  Since I am looking to games for inspiration and ideas on what to write about here, not owning an Xbox keeps me from fully reaching as many games as I can.  So I have decided will be picking up myself an Xbox sometime soon so that I can have as many avenues for ideas and games to play as I can.  Inspiration can come from anywhere.  It was some footage from an XBLA game called Bastion that was the final straw. As I was watching Mike B do a 15MOG with Bastion, I kinda decided that it was time.  Game looks awesome and pushed me over the edge. There is a PC version of it in the works but no date on it and no plans for a PS3 version. Also having an Xbox will allow me to finally play Fable 2 and 3.

Will I get Xbox Live?  This shit is already pretty long so we’ll save that fun discussion for another day.

Ideas, thoughts, comments? Thanks a lot for reading. I’m out.


Here’s the link to the 15MOG with Mike Baka Fony 😉15 MOG – Bastion

What am I playing.

Posted: September 6, 2011 in Comics, Gaming

I was trying to figure out what to write as my first post here.  Since I am trying to make this a blog about mostly gaming i figured I would post about what I am currently playing.  Also about what comic I am currently reading( because its absolutely AMAZING).

So there’s a few games at the moment that I am working on.  Some of them to finally finish.  Some to go through again and others that just never end.  First off, there’s World of Warcraft.  I play a lot of WoW.  On my current server I have five level 85 characters. I do raid casually with my guild so we are quite far behind but we move at our own pace and enjoy the content.  If we really focused and worked on progression I’m sure we would be farther along in Firelands.  We prefer to schedule a few raids each week and just go with the flow.  I would rather play when I feel like it and get things done at a slower pace than be told that I have to raid 4 or 5 nights a week.

I’ve also dabbled in some League of Legends lately.  I’m still pretty terrible at it but am definitely getting better.  Except for one match last night where I died about 16 times.  It was brutal.  I used to play DOTA a bit back in the day  so this game play isn’t new to me.  It has been a real long time so I think once I find my groove and a play style within LoL that fits me I should be alright.  Definitely a fun game that I need to spend more time playing

I recently decided to give the Rift Trial a go.  This is a very pretty game.  The view while I was running across Freemarch was absolutely stunning. Seeing the Rifts tearing open as your traveling around is really cool. I thought the game play was really fun.  Pretty standard for most MMOs out there.  The part of the game that I was the most curious to see was the Ascended Soul skill trees.  Brief description for those who don’t know.  In the game there are only 4 classes.  Warrior, Cleric, Mage, Rogue.  You choose a class and once you start playing you unlock Souls which are essentially your skill trees and abilities.  There are 8 souls per class and you can eventually unlock them all and swap them out as needed.  Very cool system.  I strongly suggest giving the Free Trial a shot if you haven’t played Rift before.

Another game that I enjoy playing is APB Reloaded. If I ever have a few minutes to spare and just want to kill pedestrians and run people over I hop into APB.  Despite its flaws the game is still a lot of fun. Cops and Robbers MMO.  Pick your side. It’s free to play.  Try it out.  Counter-Strike.  More than ten years later and I still love this game.  When I really need to rock out and relieve some stress CS usually helps.  Another FPS that I enjoy and have been getting back into lately is MAG on PS3.

There are so many other games that I play that going through and talking about each one would probably take a really long time.  I would like to get back to gaming thank you very much and I promised to mention some comic awesomeness.  While I was at Fan Expo Canada last week I had swung by the Image booth to take a look at what they had.  Invincible. A series of theirs that I had been hearing great things about but never got around to reading.  I picked up the hard cover compendium volume 1 Invincible on the Friday.  Was completely blown away when I read it that night.  Throughout the weekend I ended up going back to buy volumes 2-6.  Absolutely wicked series.  Has quickly become on of my favorite series I’ve ever read.  It’s been around for a few years and is up to issue 86 at this time. That’s a lot of catching up but definitely worth it.  Also from Image, The Red Wing.  A four issue mini series that’s really well written and looks spectacular.  Two issues are out so far and the third will be released on September 14th.

That’s it for now. I’m out.


some other games i’m playing – Starcraft 2, Warcrat 3, Torchlight, Infamous 2