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So the internet exploded and overreacted to the release of the subscription numbers for Star Wars The Old republic. People on the internet freaking out over nothing? What a surprise. So the numbers released last week we learned that the subscription numbers for SWTOR are down from 1.7 million to 1.3. Pretty big drop but still… 1.3 million subs? Game’s doing fine. Because of the drop there are obviously some servers for the game that are barren even during peak times. Figured I’d throw in my two cents about it.

The sever that my guild and I were placed on during early access is a medium-ish pop server. During peak times the PvP queues aren’t that bad and a decent amount of people can be seen roaming around on the Fleet. I don’t mind the lower population on my server but when I play in the off-peak times the queues can take literally over an hour to get into a Warzone. I tend to play in off-peak times mostly. My biggest gripe about the server that I play on is constantly seeing the same pr-emade groups in PvP for hours on end. There have been periods of time when I hit the same pre-made group for 3-4 hours and sometimes couldn’t finish my daily PvP quest. It can be very frustrating. What I decided to do recently is roll characters on a west coast server with a higher population. I am east coast myself but I tend to play late most of the time so hopping on to a west coast server is better for me. I’m very much looking forward to the upcoming server transfers. Once they become available I will be moving four or five of my characters over. The population on my server seems to have dipped recently. I think other people have had the same idea to test the waters on some of the other servers and transfer over in early summer when that feature becomes available. When this does happen what will become of those left behind on those medium/low populated servers?

In the world of MMOs server merging always get bad press. Usually it happens to games that are struggling to hold people and they combine servers together to make fewer, but higher populated servers. Now SWTOR is not struggling by any means. 1.3 million subs is great. What they should do with the lower populated servers is merge them together so those players who don’t want, or can’t afford to ship their characters off to another server, get a better experience. More players means faster PvP queues, a better economy and a much livelier world to play in.

The bad stigma around server mergers for MMOs is pretty ridiculous. Games gain and lose players all the time. It happens. I think that deciding not to merge servers to simply save face and avoid bad press can potentially be more damaging because those people left on those extremely low pop servers really don’t get a good experience. Therefore keeping them subscribed to the game becomes a lot less likely. The bad press and internet explosion that will take place if they merge servers will be a tough pill to swallow. On the other hand having people quit the game because of, or constantly hearing about barren servers isn’t a good thing either. I think that if Bioware does decide to merge some of the lower populated servers that it will be better for the games community in the long run.

A lot of MMOs out there get a big influx of people who play as soon as the game launches and then that number often drops. Sometimes it steadies out. For some games it goes up again. Others manage to scrape by with their loyal player base. Some game developers switch business models from a subscription to free to play. Those games that make the switch can occasionally end up becoming very profitable and carry on for much longer than people thought they would. I think that this drop off in SWTOR subs is just a normal happening in the world of MMOs that is being blown wildly out of proportion. It’s got a larger than usual spotlight on it because it’s a Star Wars game and EA/Bioware spent a lot of money developing it. I feel that the game does have a lot of great aspects to it. I agree that there are some things that need to be fixed and added to the game. I am still having so much fun with it and plan on sticking with it. I’m eagerly waiting to see what the great folks at Bioware have in store for us.

I’ve spent the last few days trudging through hundreds of pages of forums to look and see some of the reasons that people have left the game. I was looking through the posts, ignoring ones that were nothing more than – “This game sucks so I quit.” or “SWTOR is dead”, in an attempt to find intelligent responses. Posts where people explained what they didn’t like and why they left. There’s quite a few valid well thought out posts among the arguing and trolling. Some left because they just felt that this isn’t the game for them. Others enjoyed the game but felt that there were key features missing and until SWTOR had them they would not be playing. Others are interested in upcoming games and wouldn’t have time. There are plenty of reasons why they left and some pointed out features that would bring them back. I think two of the features that I saw mentioned the most were the Ranked Warzones and the Group Finder. Both are features that are coming soon. Group Finder is slotted to be in the upcoming Patch 1.3. Ranked Warzones got pulled from 1.2 partially because of the feedback they were getting on the test server about how the queues worked. I gotta admit the way the queues worked with putting ranked in with unranked if it couldn’t find enough people was… For lack of a better word, wrong? I’m glad they decided to hold off until they can work with it a bit more and perhaps get cross server queuing in so they can avoid the mixed queues.

Server mergers aren’t always a bad thing. I think that if they decided to go this route with some of the servers that it would be better for the game in the long run. Perhaps once they get the cross server queuing in, it will solve a lot of the problems that the lower populated servers are facing. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

What are your thoughts? If you’re a SWTOR player how is your server doing? Still a busting population or are you stuck dancing by the PvP mission terminal with the same 10 people every single day? What are you feelings about server mergers in general? Are they a good thing if they can potentially make the community stronger or just the last fleeting breaths of a dying MMO? Let me know what you think in the comments here on the blog or over on the FMG Facebook or G+ page.

Thanks for reading!


So with SWTORs patch 1.2 on the horizon, I’ve messed around quite a bit on the Public Test Server. One of the greatest features coming our way is the fully customizable UI. While the current incarnation is good, there are a few things that I’ve found a little bothersome. Little things like the Voidstar Warzone map covering part of my quickbar on the right side. Nothing majorly game breaking but enough to be an annoyance at times.

While I was spending a ridiculous amount of time messing with different setups it got me thinking about my UI configurations in my games over the years. Even before I got into MMOs I was downloading UI skins for Counter-Strike. I always liked playing with add ons and options to make things fit me better. Back in City of Heroes/Villains I completely moved everything I could around to fit what I was used to. The default for that game had the quickbars along the top and I was more used to having it across the bottom so I would rearrange everything.

Moving on to World of Warcraft. That’s when I really got into UI tweaking. With the plethora of different add ons available I would test out as many as I could to find which I felt the most comfortable with. Towards the end of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion I think I was running around 30 different add ons. I had everything from threat meters, to scrolling combat text and things to change the general look of everything. I spent about twenty-five minutes digging through every folder I could find to see if I had any old screenshots from then but I couldn’t find any. I looked pretty drastically different that the standard UI. With there being so many UI add ons for WoW out there I would sometimes watch WoW footage videos just to see how people would set up their UI. A lot of times they would list the add ons used or people would sometimes ask in comments.

I must say that I was a little disappointed that you couldn’t even scale down the size of the UI in SWTOR at the start. Having toyed with so many UI add ons before I already know what type of things I look for with customization. With the built in options for SWTOR it gives me almost everything that I could want. Everyone has very different ways to set up their UI. I personally don’t like clutter on my screen. So what I do usually is move as much as I can to the bottom area as much as possible. Here’s a quick shot of one of the setups that I did. This will most likely be how I place things once 1.2 is live. I messed around with a few other setups but this one seemed to work the best for me and felt most the most comfortable.

A few things not shown on the shot are are the party/Ops frames, tool tip popup and the warzone scoreboards. Since you will only ever see the WZ scoreboards one at a time those are stacked up in the upper right corner. My party/Ops frames are tucked down on the bottom left corner and my tool tip is actually detached from the mini map and stuck in the bottom right corner where my quest log is. It does overlap but when I need to see it covers the quest log but I probably won’t need to be looking at both simultaneously. I had one setup with the tool tips still on the bottom corner but the quest log was about the middle on the right side of the screen but I didn’t really like it there very much. I don’t like having a lot of things cluttering up my field of view.

Here’s a shot of the interface editor so you can see where everything is that isn’t showing. Everything tucked nicely together leaving my field of view pretty much clear.
I’m sure once it’s on the live servers that I will tweak it a bit more. Once I play around with it on my 50s I’m sure I’ll find little things to change or things that I don’t like. For now this seemed like a good setup.

Just to show and example of how very different people set up their UI, Larry Everett aka @Shaddoe from Massively wrote a post and also made a video showing his UI setup from the PTS. Drastically different from my setup with action bars in the middle top area of the screen. Here’s the link to the post. The video is at the bottom. Great article. Check it out. Hyperspace Beacon: Gooey GUI

How do you like you UI set up? What kind of setup is most comfortable for you? Doesn’t matter the game. Send me screenshots to or post them on the FMG Facebook. It will be really fun to see the many variations and preferences. If i get enough I will put a big post together showing as many varying setups as I can.

Thanks a lot for reading.


The last couple of days Bioware had invited some guild leaders and media to Bioware Austin and get a sneak peek at the upcoming Patch 1.2.  Also known to some as the Jesus patch.  Wish I could have been there.  Patch 1.1.5 released yesterday as well which brought some cool changes.  With the amount of stuff to go over I’m not going to be able to hit everything.  I’d just like to focus on a few things. Mainly, some of the PvP changes in the latest patch and some of the Legacy stuff they shared at the Guild Summit.

First off I’ll start with what’s actually in the game now.  Patch 1.1.5.  It was deployed during the weekly maintenance yesterday.  Quite a few changes.  Most notable changes I feel are the changes to PvP.  The first is the change to damage over time abilities.  Before the patch, if you wanted to keep the other team from capturing objectives you could just DoT up enemies.  The damage would tick every few seconds preventing them from capping the objective.  Damage from Dots no longer prevents players from capping objectives.  Interesting change.  Have done a few warzones since the patch went live and didn’t actually “notice” the change.  I understand why they made the change.  It was a bit of a balance issue.  Some classes could DoT up a lot of players or a group of players very  quickly.  Some could not.  Not sure if I like it yet.  Need more time to experience it to see how I feel about it.

Another change to PvP was a respawn “nerf” to the Alderaan Civil Warzone.  The way it worked before when you died you could click the speeder to return to the fight instantly.  Which made taking over the turrets, especially the side turrets, very difficult.  Players could be killed and click the speeder and be back in the fight before you could cap the turret.  This change I really like.  I’m sure I’ll be cursing it a few times when I just want to get back to defend but it’s a good change in my opinion.  I think it will make for a lot more closer battles in ACW.  Quite a few times I’d have my team just go for the side turrets only. We would be able to hold them for the entire duration without really having to worry because we could get back to stop the cap.

The last PvP change I’ll touch on from 1.1.5 is the Ilum daily/weekly quests.  While they have made some good changes to Ilum lately it’s still not working as intended.  So in the interim while they continue to work on it, they are giving players credit towards their Ilum daily/weekly quests from warzones.  I think it’s a good change.  Some people don’t have a lot of time to play.  Perhaps the times that they are able to play, there isn’t a lot going on with Ilum. They also could be on a server that has a severe population imbalance and it’t jsut not worthwhile to go there.  This allows them to queue up for warzones to finish those quests when they do get the time to play. Some believe that with this change it gives people no real reason to go to Ilum any more until they get it to where they feel it’s “fixed”.   I kinda like it sometimes. I’ve had some pretty epic battles there. Interested to see what they have planned for Ilum in the future.

Side note about Ilum.  A friend of mine posted an interesting suggestion.  Definitely a great idea.  Perhaps simple changes like this over time can make it better.  Simple way to make Ilum better

So much to get into from the Guild Summit. I wont get into everything. What I’m most excited to get my hands on with 1.2 is the Legacy system. I play the game quite a bit. Have three level 50s at the moment and a few more alts over halfway there. I am up to around Legacy level 27. So right off the bat I’m sure I’ll be able to get some cool unlocks. They haven’t revealed all the perks that we’re going to get or what level they become unlocked. They gave us great examples of some of the things that we can look forward to. Most notably would be Sprint ability at level 1.  It’s.  About.  Damn.  Time.  I figured they would lower it at some point to at least level 10 so that you have it when you start queueing for PvP. Level 1? Even better.

They also mentioned Legacy weapons and armor that you can share between your characters. Not scaling gear like the Heirloom stuff available in World of Warcraft.  My guess would be a moddable armor set that would work like the social gear.  It becomes light, medium, or heavy armor depending on what your character uses.  The social gear at the moment is only light armor which sucks for anyone who isn’t an Inquisitor or Consular.  They will be fixing that in 1.2 from what I understand.  Let’s just hope it looks cool.  I’m not a big fan of the look of end game gear at the moment.  Have piles of moddable gear sitting in my character banks just waiting to have it as a viable option at endgame.

Another gear related thing to mention is the color matching.  The system they had in Beta for a while was removed towards the end of testing.  They wanted to build a much more robust system for it and it’s coming in 1.2.  Instead of just matching everything to your chest piece like it did in its original design, it will pick matching colors.  Not necessarily the same color.  It will allow you to toggle each piece individually.  When you first equip the item it will have its default colors showing and you can choose to match it if you don’t like how it looks.  Can’t wait to play around  with this.

They are putting in the alignment abilities, including… Wait for it… NEUTRAL!!! So for all you grey Jedi/Sith or neutral non force users, you will be able to have access to special some special abilities. Wicked cool.  There will also be Heroic abilities that you unlock once you complete chapter 3 for a class story. One of the examples they gave was Force Choke. Once you complete the story for a Sith Warrior you unlock a Force Choke ability that you can use while questing with your companion. That’s the key. With your companion. So it will not cause balance issues in Warzone PvP. You also cannot use them in Operations. Stoked to check out how this works. Bounty Hunters rocking a Force Choke? Interesting.

New character creation options will become available once you reach cap level with a certain race. This will unlock both the Republic and Imperial options for that race. Regardless of which faction you decide to create the character. It will also unlock new race/class combinations like Sith Purebood Jedi, Miralukan Sith Inquisitors etc.

There was a TON of stuff that Bioware gave us about the Jesus Patch. TON. Way to much for me to get on about without making this post a thousand pages long. For really great coverage about the presentations/Q&A from the Guild Summit and Patch 1.1.5, be sure to check out Darth Hater.  Also this weeks episode of The Republic on Gamebreaker TV has some really great discussion about some of the upcoming changes for 1.2. GBTV has recently built a whole new website that has constant gaming news updates. Be sure to check out the SWTOR section on there for even more info about all the panels from the Guild Summit and much more.

This is why I PvP

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Just wanted to do a quick post today while I was working on other behind the scenes stuff for the blog.  A lot of exciting things coming soon for FMG.  Pretty stoked.  Onward to the good stuff.

I was in a Huttball with a couple guildies the other day.  Started off pretty poorly actually.  Ended up going down 3-0 in the first few minutes and it was looking pretty grim.  They weren’t really rolling over us.  We were on top of their carrier pretty well and trying our best to take away their passes.  Finally we got our hands on the ball.  We scored our second point with less than a minute to go.  The battle was pretty intense and getting those two points was no easy task.  I turned towards the middle once I saw our carrier had a clear shot for the end zone.  As soon as the ball re-spawned I grabbed it and hauled ass.  Had to fight off a few enemies and ended up by the last hazard with only about 10-15 seconds remaining.  I was on my Sith Assassin so I used my speed burst and ran right through the  fire.  Scored a point with about 5 seconds to go.  A team member picked up the ball just as time expired.  In a tie game who ever is holding the ball at the end wins.  So despite our slow start we fought back for the win.  It was pretty intense and a lot of fun.  One of the best warzones I’ve ever participated in.  Not ever single match is intense like that but when you get ones that are it really is pretty awesome.  Even if we would have ended up losing it if the other team had picked up the ball at the last second in the tie I wouldn’t have been upset.  I don’t mind losing when it’s just a hard-fought battle on both sides like that.

Which kinda brings me to the point of this post.  So many people leave a warzone if their team gets scored within the first minute or if a bomb gets planted quickly on a door on a Voidstar etc.  Which leaves the team down a person until the replacement loads in and gets into the fight which makes it harder to overcome that early slip.  If only people would realize that it’s not over until it’s over and stick it out, work together that it is possible to make a come back.  It’s a little frustrating at times.  I do try my best to get people to work together and come back when I can but when half the team leaves in the first minute or two sometimes, it can be pretty rough.

It’s not like the comeback was a total fluke and never happens.  I’ve actually had it happen quite a few times.  There was another warzone that I joined and ended up being on the opposite team of a guildie.  I joined in the middle of the Huttball match and my team was down 3-1 or 3-2 with only a few minutes remaining.  Working together with one or two of the others on my team we went after that Huttball like white on rice.  In the end we won 4-3.  I do understand that sometimes you get placed against a really good premade group and it’s almost impossible at times to really do much of anything.  That doesn’t make me want to give up.  If I see they are just rolling my team and just having their way with us, I do whatever I can to slow them down.  If they are going to win I’m not going to make it easy.  I’m going to be the biggest pain in the ass that I can and make them work for it.

Those really tight, hard-fought matches are the reason I PvP.  Win or lose, if it’s an intense battle, it’s really a lot of fun.

That’s all for now.  Thanks for reading.


PvP Lovin’

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So I had some issues a little while ago with some of the things happening with the PvP in SWTOR. Lately, other than getting steam rolled by premades which can’t really be avoided, I’ve really been having a great time with it. Now I’m definitely not a pro PvP’er at all. I’m pretty damned good but there are definitely some out there better than me. Even when I lose a hard fought battle I still love it. Those premades that just steam roll my team can be quite frustrating at times but overall, I love it. I am kind of hoping that a lot of these premade groups will queue up for the ranked warzones once they become available. It is possible to beat them but only if you happen to be on a team that listens and works together.

Just before server shut down tonight I was doing some warzones on my level 39 Sith Assassin. Did pretty well think I only lost 1 out of the 5 or so that I was in. Was really fortunate to have gotten some of the same team members for a few of the queues. We got Alderaan Civil War twice and both times myself and another player who knew how to direct without being dicks about were in both. First time everyone was on the ball and won without really breaking a sweat. Second time we did win but it was a bit closer. We were directing people pretty well and got down a bit at first as the other team got two turrets while we only held one. Despite the other team having quite a few healers the team was able to rally and grab a second turret and we held the two for the win. Both victories because of good communication. Even if you aren’t going in to the queue with friends or guildies communication is key. With great teamwork like that it’s even possible to take down some of these indestructible premade groups.

Sometimes you get those people who just come of as total douche bags when trying to co-ordinate people. I admit that I can be that douche bag sometimes. Coming off a string of losses to the same premade group can be frustrating when all I need is one more win for my daily/weekly warzone mission. I do try to not be that guy but it really is hard sometimes. Some people are just like that all the time. With any online game you’re going to run into those kind of players. It does suck, but that is the way of things sometimes.

Since the change to put level 50 characters into a different queue than 10-49, PvP while leveling really has become a lot of fun again. My Assassin has leveled most of the way with only PvP. I’ve done my class story quests and skipped most others. The one downside to that level 50 bracket is for those fresh cap level characters. My second 50, a Bounty Hunter, was pretty much useless for a little while in PvP once I hit 50. I tried to help out as much as I could but getting 2 shotted by Battlemaster geared players was pretty discouraging. Gearing up was a little rough at first. They’ve made changes to the bags that you get PvP commendations out of that make it much easier to gear up. Before you had a chance to get a piece of gear in each bag and you always got a small amount of commendations. Now you get more commendations but a lower chance of a gear piece dropping. A much more predictable way for you to get your gear. I love the change.

In a couple of weeks prior to the change I had one piece drop in a bag and was able to get a couple more with commendations. I had worked a lot on the Assassin lately so wasn’t really doing much with my 50’s. Earlier this week I decided to gear up my Bounty Hunter. Took me 3 days to get a full set minus my main hand weapon. Was a lot of work and did spend the better part of those 3 days doing nothing but PvP, but was a lot of fun and definitely worth it.

Now, on to Ilum. Thankfully the lame ass base trading is a thing of the past. The only problem I’ve seen now is due to population imbalance. On some servers it is REALLY bad. Imps outnumber the Pubs exponentially on some. On my server Belgoth’s Beacon, Imps still outnumber the Pubs but it seems to have gotten much better than it was. I’ve taken part in some epic battles that have lasted an hour or two with at least an ops group on either side fighting for their lives. It’s not always like that.  Seems to happen a few times each day.  If there’s not enough Pubs kicking around, there’s always hunting for armament pickups in the central area to finish your daily. Kinda boring and can take some time since the other Imps on Ilum are trying to do the same thing. It may not be perfect but it’s a million times better than it was. Not getting yelled at for killing enemy players is a win in my books.


That’s all for now. May the Force server you well. Thanks for reading.


Lovin’ my 1.1

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So changes have come it Ilum with patch 1.1 Rise of the Rakghouls. Although when the patch first hit there was kind of a problem with the turrets preventing the opposite faction from camping the spawn area. They were not supposed to be kill-able. Instead they were and on most servers there is a faction imbalance so the poor little pubs were getting their asses handed to them over and over and over and over… Getting outnumbered 100:1 as soon as you spawn… Not fun. They were very quick to get a fix out the following morning correcting the problem with the turrets.

So as I ranted about in a earlier post, I was not happy about the players exploiting the base trading in Ilum. I felt that faction loyalty and pure PvP fun was reason enough to not base trade. Yeah you get gear faster. I don’t care. I would rather work a bit harder for it and have a lot more fun even if it takes longer.

Now in Ilum instead of taking back capture points to complete the quests you have to either kill other players or collect armaments that spawn around the center area. Whats happening on a lot of servers if a population balance issue. Most servers are Imperial favored so it can be hard to complete the daily/weekly quests and cause the Pubs to just not show up at all. I’ve found on my server that even tho the population is Imp favored that most times I’m able to get into some scraps with those filthy Pubs. There’s not a ton of them around all the time but I’ve had a few times in the last few days where we’ve had a good solid groups on either side throwing down pretty hard. It was cool to actually see some PvP in Ilum. Much fun was had for all. They are working on making more improvements for Ilum but I think that it’s a step in the right direction.

In patch 1.1 they also threw level 50 characters in their own Warzone bracket. Epic. The bolstering system works great but the Expertise stat made it impossible for lower level characters to have any chance to take out a well geared 50. Since the patch I have done PvP on my level 50 characters and on my lower ones. My Inquisitor is pretty decently geared in mostly Champ gear. Hold my own pretty well. Specced as a healer so can put up some pretty solid healing numbers. Different story on my Bounty Hunter tho. No PvP gear yet so despite my decent damage output and heavy armor I get rolled so hard. Have had extremely terrible luck with those champ bags so far. Think I have gotten about 6 or 7 on her so far and all I’ve gotten was an ear piece. It’s gonna be a rough go… The plus about being stuck with all 50s is I don’t have to worry about being on a team with one or two 50s and the rest lowbies versus a fully geared 50 premade. Getting tossed against a 50 premade still happens but you at least have a bit of a better chance when you’re with all cap level characters.

Now going to the lower levels. I’ve done quite a bit of PvP on my Imperial Agent Sniper who is sitting around 20 right now. Before 1.1 I was having a pretty brutal time in PvP getting destroyed. Sometimes 2-3 seconds into a fight. Done. Brutal… Now that the cap level has their own bracket I’m having just as much fun in PvP as I was early on before there was a bunch of 50s with a ton of expertise. PvP was starting to get pretty painful while leveling there for a while… Glad that the 50 bracket has reminded me what I loved about SWTOR PvP.

So overall on the PvP side of things I’m really happy with patch 1.1. PvE side – They fixed that green glowy healing bug I mentioned before. Wewt! I’ve not done the Rise of the Rakghouls Flashpoint yet so I can’t share anything about that yet. This coming week I’m going to try and get more into the level 50 and hard mode Flashpoints. Having a good time leveling alts and doing PvP while I wait for a couple fore friends/guildies to hit cap for Ops as well. Everyone I am playing with is having a great time with the game thus far and really looking forward to the upcoming content patch in March. A video uploaded on the SWTOR website shows things like customizable and scalable UI, Guild Banks, Legacy rewards. Looking forward to it.

Thanks a lot for reading.  Sorry for the delay on the posts this past week.  It’s been a very strange/rough week.


So I hit 50 on my Sith Inquisitor a few days ago. Yay me. The class story was awesome and I’m really happy with it. Everything so far in the game I am enjoying. Yes there are bugs and glitches that need to be fixed. That will come with time. Such is the world of MMOs. Things get fixed. Other things break. Overall Bioware has given us a really awesome game. The one bug that I would like to see fixed the most actually is one on my Bounty Hunter. After getting heals from Mako it leaves the green glow on my character. Kind of annoying and I have to re-log to fix it. Nothing major. I just enjoy looking at how bad ass my characters look and it’s hard to look cool when I’m glowing green. Whatever. I’m sure it will get fixed. GG so far Bioware. GG.

What I wanted to get into today was one thing about the game that literally had me in a rage. Ilum. Ilum and the lazy base traders. For those that don’t know, Ilum is a planet that has a Player versus Player area(even on PvE servers) where you have to take control points form the other faction. There are daily and weekly quests that require you to capture the points. What people are doing is standing side by side with the other faction, taking turns capturing the points so they can complete their weekly quests. In my opinion, that’s extremely lame. What’s even worse is when I went in to this PvP area, on a PvP server and got yelled at when I attacked the opposing faction. By my faction. Really… Really? REALLY? I mean come on.

Now maybe there does need to be a little more reward or incentive for these lazy people to actually WANT to kill the other team. I read in a post by Gabe Amatangelo the other day that they will be adding player kills to the quest requirements which is cool. They will also be adding valor reward buffs for controlling points that will reward valor for killing other players. While I am excited to see these changes, isn’t stomping a mud hole in another player reward enough? It is for me. I know there are others out there that feel the same. What ever happened to faction pride and just beating the hell out of the other team for no other reason than tea bagging them or jumping up and down on their corpse while you laugh? This whole standing around chatting with the other faction while trading control to finish your weekly is ridiculous. It’s not bad game design by Bioware. It’s laziness of players who want nothing more than have things handed to them with the least amount of effort as possible. So what if it takes you a week to complete your weekly… IT’S A WEEKLY QUEST! Also you advance the war effort when killing the other team. Don’t know if people realize this. So even though I play on a PvP server I get yelled at by my fellow Imperials if I try to kill the Republic scum. Even on the population imbalanced servers where there are only a few Republic showing up right now, give it time. The population issues will sort themselves out.

I just wish these people would stop exploiting. Yes I said it. In my opinion it’s exploiting. This is where my dilemma comes about. I have not been exploiting Ilum. Therefore I am so far behind when it comes to my PvP gear that even though I am at 50 I get 2 shotted by most other 50s because they are in full champ gear. Now if I want to stay competitive and have a shot in warzones I need to catch up. Base trading is a lame exploit. I don’t want to. It’s looking like I might have to if I want to have any chance at all to stay alive for more that 3 seconds. Anyone who says that Ilum is boring and broken is wrong. Ilum can be great. In fact this morning I went there to check things out and see how things were. There were a few Pubs rolling around capping all the points. I was running around trying to recap as much as I could. I was by myself in my terrible gear and there was 3 of them. Pretty decently PvP geared. They would catch me recapping points and totally merc me. Even though I died about 5 times rolling around trying to complete my daily, it was so much fun. Having to run around and watch out for the Pub players knowing if they caught me I was done for was pretty intense. I can imagine how fun that would be even with larger groups of people rolling on either side. Even with about 5-10 people on each side would be awesome.

Seriously though… What ever did happen to faction pride and sense of accomplishment when you earned something? Let’s just all get along and kill each other like we are supposed to. It’ll be fun. I promise.


Thanks for reading folks.

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