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So today is a big day for FMG. I tossed up my first video to good ‘ol YouTube. Nothing major. Just a quick video going over the build I’ve used on my Barbarian. I’ll probably expand that a bit and throw up some more game-play footage of it in action. I haven’t done much in terms of video editing in a very long time so I’m pretty terrible at it. I’m trying out a ton of different programs and compressing the videos a few times with different programs/settings to see how the quality is. It’s been pretty fun. Very tiring, but fun. Looking forward to making more.

Let’s get to it.

At this point I’ve spent about 120 or so hours with Diablo 3. Despite the “Error 37” problems at launch and the complaints about the persistent online part of D3 I am loving the game. Even tho D3 isn’t an MMO I guess I’m used to having servers taken down for patches and stuff like that. I can definitely understand the strictly single player gamers out there who are upset with it. While it definitely wasn’t the smoothest game launch ever, I’m just glad to finally have my hands on the full game. The main concern for me with such a large gap and all the problems over the years they have developed D3, was if they could pull it off again. D1 and 2 were amazing games and I played the crap out of them. In my opinion, yeah. They nailed it. It feels like a Diablo game. Rolling through slaughtering baddies for shiny baubles has never been so much fun.

I just want to touch real quickly on graphics. The graphics in the game aren’t that bad. The environments look pretty awesome. The character models? I don’t think that they really look that great. Not terrible, but you can tell that this has been in development for a little while. I’m usually a person who loved throwing max settings on my games and sitting in awe at how amazing they look. When it comes to Diablo? It’s not that big of an issue for me. I just want that excitement of action and discovery. I can overlook the slightly dated graphics issue because the game really is a lot of fun. The dated graphics do not extend into the cinematic cut-scenes. Those are incredibly well done. You see those at the beginning, end and between each act but each one is mind-blowingly awesome. My personal favorite is the one between Act 1 and 2. Not gonna spoil it for ya. I’m just gonna say – HOLY SHIT! By the end of it I was standing with my hand over my mouth and my jaw on the floor. Incredible.

I’ve played all 5 classes at this point to at least level 20–ish. The two I’ve focused on are my Barbarian(Level 55 in Hell difficulty), and my Witch Doctor(Level 45 in Nightmare difficulty). Back in Diablo 2, there were a few classes that I couldn’t really get into and I didn’t play much. Back in Beta I was able to try out all the classes up to thirteen and did have fun will all of them. Throughout Beta certain skills got moved up and down levels and difficulty was getting tweaked. So I knew that at launch I would have to try them all again and see if I was still down to level all of them. I still find all the classes a lot of fun. They all play differently and have their own feel. The one class that I was finding early on that I wasn’t enjoying as much was the Monk. There’s just something about the abilities you get early on for them. I just wasn’t really feeling it. I’m around 20 on him now and have unlocked some pretty cool abilities so I am getting a better feel for it. The other classes I was off and running right at the start and loved all the abilities that I was getting and had a tough time choosing which abilities to use. Even now on my Witch Doctor I sometimes wish that I had just one more skill slot.

I’m sure that at this point with the amount of time I’ve played I probably would be well into, if not finished Inferno difficulty if I had focused on one character. I know I have a problem. Alt-oholism/Alt-itis is no laughing matter. Ok. It kinda is. Even with the amount of hours on my two higher characters I probably should be a little but further along than they are. What I have done a lot of is replaying areas with different builds to really get a feel for what best suits my play-style. I’ve almost got my Witch Doctor nailed down. Just a few things I need to decide on and tweak a bit. There’s some really great runes that some of the powers have so that is often the hardest choice for me. Certain abilities for my play style are a must have and sometimes there’s a couple of runes that are all viable for me. Once I really get that one refined a bit more I’ll make a video like I did for my Barbarian. With the Barbarian I still occasionally swap a thing or two out, usually passive abilities depending on the situation, but I use those skills in the video for everything. Trash mobs, elites, bosses and it all seems to work most of the time. There are times when I go rushing in before I realize what abilities a certain elite will have and get decimated. I can usually come back and take them out relatively easily once I see what I did wrong. I’ve rolled with pretty much that same build since about level 35-ish. Obviously there are some runes that I’m using now that are unavailable at that level but the abilities for the most part haven’t really changed. Check out the video and see what you think.

While I have played a lot of the game solo, I know quite a few people who also are playing. The system they have in place to group up with friends and hop into a game is amazing. Probably one of the best and easiest multi-player experiences I’ve ever seen. When you log on if someone on your list is in a game it shows a quick join tab in the bottom right that you can mouse over to see what level/act/difficulty your friend is playing. To join them it’s as easy as clicking their name on that list. You hop straight into the game and then can instantly catch up to them by clicking on their player banner right where you spawn in. You can also form up groups and start games together just as easily. So much easier than the old D2 days. Also if you’re rolling through by yourself and no friends are on at the moment and are feeling the multi-player itch, opening your game up to random players is as easy as bringing up the main menu and clicking the open game to public option. Joining a public game is a simple as clicking that option at the main screen. They really have made the multi-player experience very seem-less. I can definitely see some strictly single player gamers out there giving it a shot because of how easy it is.

I guess that it’s for today. I’m sure I’ll do more D3 posts in the future. Thanks a lot for reading and I hope you enjoy the video. Be sure to subscribe to the blog and Youtube and check out FMG on Facebook for updates!



So lately I’ve been going on about some awesome game with laser sword and telekinetic badasses. Today I will absolutely refrain from babble on about that sweet piece of awesome. Absolutely. In this post I’ll be drooling all over my keyboard while I write about a great little game called Diablo 3. I got in to the Beta the other day with the latest slew of invites. Thank you Blizzard for not having an NDA. After waiting ten years for the next Diablo and finally getting my hands on it, not being able to talk about the sheer awesomeness would literally kill me.

Wandering around the world murdering tons of monsters for shiny baubles brought me back. I’m a huge fan of Diablo. Played the hell out of the first one and still have Diablo 2 installed and on my quick launch bar that I pop into from time to time. No huge leaps and bounds apart from the previous titles. It feels like a Diablo game, and damn does it ever feel good. Even with the limited part of the game available in the Beta, in my opinion it blows D2 out of the water. Can’t wait to get my hands on the full game.

At this point I’ve played through the Beta 3 times. Twice with the Witchdoctor because fire and Zombies are awesome. Once with a Monk. About halfway with the other three classes. Some of the abilities are pretty bad ass. The resources for the classes are each different. Nothing really groundbreaking there. Barbarians use rage. Builds up as you use certain abilities so that you can use others. Monk, same thing but it’s called spirit. Except Monk starts at full spirit and has to build it back as they use it and Barbarians start with no rage and have to build it up to start. Witchdoctors use mana. Self explanatory. Wizards use arcane power. Kinda like mana except its a fixed amount that doesn’t seem to increase as you level.

The one class that has a bit of a unique dual resource system is the Demon Hunter. They have hatred and discipline. Some abilities generate hatred.  Other abilities use hatred or discipline. Some actually use both, sometimes… For example there’s an ability called Evasive Fire that uses four hatred. If you are firing at an enemy that is close to you, your character does a back-flip away from the target that causes the ability to cost four discipline as well. I’ve only gotten to about level five or six on the Demon Hunter so far but its pretty fun and definitely feels unique compared to the other classes.

My favorite so far is definitely the Witchdoctor. I’ve been playing games for a while now and can take a look at skill trees and abilities and can usually tell which one I’m gonna like the most. Since I have a huge obsession with Zombies as soon as they showed the early clips of the Witchdoctor abilities I knew that would be my “main” class. While I am unable to reach the level to unlock the Wall of Zombies ability in Beta, I have my Zombie dogs and one Zombie that jumps out of the ground at things and eats their faces. Pretty damned wicked.

Even with those kick as spells I have to say my favorite ability in the game that I’ve seen so far is Firebats. I’ve seen abilities in other games that summon swarms of bats. This one is next level wicked. While you summon in this swarm of bats that fly in over your head and attack in a cone, you breath fire. Which in turn sets the bats on fire. Then they swarm the targets. Yes. A swarm of flaming bats. Epic. When I did my second play-through with the Witchdoctor that’s pretty much the only ability I used. Was constantly getting bonus experience for killing multiple enemies with a single blow. It was hilarious. So much fun.

Which is a perfect segue to the next part. You can earn bonus experience points for chaining kills together or multiple kills with a single blow. Also by breaking a bunch of barrels etc. Getting rewards when you have a perfectly timed attack that takes out multiple enemies or just go on a massive rampage is pretty cool. I think my highest one shot kill is about 8 or so with a Lashing Tail Kick on my Monk which is a roundhouse kick that decimates anything around you. It’s pretty cool. Highest chained multikill which is called massacre if I remember correctly, is about 60. I was on my Witchdoctor. There was a room with a jar. I clicked a jar. Massive amounts of skeletons swarmed me like some sort of skeletal apocalypse. Then I Firebatted the crap out of them like a boss. Good times.

I’ll be playing through some more for sure. I want to cap level all the classes and try different ability combinations some more. Will have time to get more into it this weekend I hope and will definitely make another post. So far, I think it’s great. Looking forward to the full release even more than I was. Got my Collector’s Edition pre-order in as soon as they announced the CE. Wish there was an open Beta so more of you could experience the game and squash any doubts you may have about it. Also so I can get in some co-op. Haven’t gotten to try that yet. I know one other person that has Beta access but our D3 playtime hasn’t lined up yet. Hopefully I’ll get into some of that this weekend. Might just try getting into a random public game. So that’s all for now. Hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks again for reading folks.