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So I have been slacking quite a bit lately with the blogging. Not going to blame it on anything but laziness on my part. Although I’ve been busy that’s no excuse. I have a few posts that are half written but I will be busting my ass in the coming week or so to get a few posts out to you fine people. So without furthur delay let’s get right into it.

I’ve done a post in the past about RPGs and how the genre has changed over the years. A conversation I’ve had recently got me thinking about those old RPGs. While there have been a lot of really, really great ones on most consoles I think that the best of the best for time for RPGs was back on the SNES. While the evolution of gaming has brought us better graphics, voice over, new styles of game play, they just aren’t the same.

Looking back at the era of gaming, we have such epic titles like 7th Saga, Final Fantasy 2, 3 and Mystic Quest, Secret of Mana, Might and Magic: 3 Isles of Terra and Chrono Trigger.  Also one title that in my opinion was the first RPG to really make that change from the old turned based RPG to what most of todays RPG games feel like, Zelda: A Link to the Past.  There’s a ton of other’s but those are just a few off the top of my head that really stuck with me.  I could only think of a handful since then that I even relatively enjoyed.  Now I’m not saying that other consoles didn’t have great RPGs. The original Playstation had one of the most successful RPGs ever with Final Fantasy 7. I myself wasn’t a huge fan of that one but Final Fantasy 9 is still one of my favorites. There were many over the years that have been really great and memorable like the Zelda games on N64, Gamecube and Wii but that early to mid 90s era for RPGs is the most memorable. Perhaps it’s the age I was at  the time and the impact that those games had on me. A lot of those games really stuck with me over the years. Most of all the early Final Fantasy games and 7th Saga. They are still some of my favorites.

Perhaps in twenty years time when we have the Playstation 6 and the Xbox 1440 this generation of young gamers will take a look back at games like Skyrim and the upcoming Kingdoms of Amalur as great classic that really had an impact on them. For me the era of the Super Nintendo will probably be the most influential for me. Also in the early 90s we saw the evolution of PC games with epic titles like Wolfenstein and Warcraft. Games which really raised the bar at the time for the games we love today. Mentioning Warcraft I have to also throw in that the SNES also gave us Ultima 6, 7, and Runes of Virtue. Ultima Online coming a few years later was my first real experience with an MMO. Then years later we had World of Warcraft. So much inspiration and memorable titles from that era that it’s hard to not think that it was a truly pivotal time for gaming.

So it’s my opinion that for RPGs, whether they are single player or MMORPGs that the SNES was a huge catalyst for a lot of the games we have today. Even tho the genre has evolved and grown to suit modern gamers, I think a lot of us have great fond memories of finally after many, many hours completing those early console RPGs. Memories that I think will stick with me for a long time.  I can honestly say that going back to that age, the first time I beat Zelda: A Link to the past or Final Fantasy 3 are moments that I will always love and cherish. It’s been a very long time since finishing a game like that where I have gotten that feeling of ultimate accomplishment.

What are some of your fondest memories from an RPG? What was the feeling that first time you actually beat one of them? Have you had a moment in recent years that has compared to them?

Thanks again for reading folks.



Over the years I find the rpg genre itself has changed from the more classic turn based style. Most of the AAA rpg titles recently like Fallout New Vegas and Oblivion are more action based than rpgs that I grew up with.

There still are turn based rpgs out there I rarely find myself eagerly anticipating them. I haven’t even tried Final Fantasy 13. While I do hear the FF franchise has lacked lately, their FF 13 Versus title that is going to be coming out and it looks to be a more action based game than turn based. I’m kinda excited to try it.

The last turn based RPG title that I played through was Final Fantasy 12. I attempted to get into one recently. The Last Remnant. While this game is a few years old now and did have some problems, I did have some fun playing through part of it. There was nothing about the game itself that turned me away. I think that I as a gamer have changed. I didn’t have the patience to sit there and select commands and watch the battle unfold. I have definitely become more accustomed to actively tearing my way through mobs of creatures. Fallout does have the VATS system and Dragon Age has the option to play it somewhat turn based those but features are something that I found myself rarely using.

I know there are plenty of hardcore fans out there that absolutely love turn based and will never stop playing them. Perhaps I’ve become so very spoiled by games that I need to be constantly entertained by non stop action. I do know a few people who still love turn based rpgs but I don’t find that those type of games really come up in conversation much anymore. Series like Elder Scrolls, Fallout or Mass Effect and even Dead Island seem to be more the topics of discussion these days in regards to rpgs.

Not saying that I won’t ever try a turn based RPG again. I really hope to one day find one that really draws me in and gives me a feeling of nostalgia that brings me back to my early days. I loves my rpgs. Tearing though Final Fantasy on NES or 7th Saga on SNES are some of my favorite gaming memories growing up. With the genre making the a large shift to a more action based type of play, it has gotten me used to the faster pace of game-play and a solid story right along with it. I really do believe that as a gamer my preferences have changed and don’t have the patience it takes to dive into a turn based rpg any more.

What’s your feeling towards turn based rpgs? Do they still have a place on your shelf? Are there any that you have played recently that kept you wanting more? Any that you are on the edge of your seat waiting for?

Thanks for reading